Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Six Pillars of Success

Interpersonal RelationshipsA group of CCLC students standing together

Building intentional, cross-cultural relationships that upholds the value and dignity of all people is foundational to the work that we do.

Community BuildingCCLC students together

We are committed to building up the relationships and support infrastructure within diverse communities that increases the visibility and representation culturally inclusive communities on campus.

Identity ExplorationFour women of color singing at the Wildcat Vibe event

Self-awareness is critical to one’s empowerment. Through understanding one’s story and experiences within a larger social framework is essential in equipping students to lead and create transformation within themselves and others.

Cultural CompetencyPaper lanterns glowing at night

Cultural awareness, knowledge and empathy are critical to the holistic academic experience of our students.

Transformational LeadershipAlphabet blocks spelling out the word "Leadership" with student pictures

We believe in the power of using our influence to create change in individuals and social systems. We aspire to create valuable and positive change within others that develops followers into leaders that promote diversity and inclusion.

AdvocacyA speaker giving a meaningful speech at the BMU

By embracing our cultural and intellectual heritage, the CCLC supports student leadership in advancing our collective vision for community empowerment and social justice.