Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Who We Are

The History

The Beginning of the Place of Possibilities

In 2007 the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC) was established on California State University, Chico’s campus. Prior to its establishment the campus had portables that housed three multicultural organizations: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (M.E.CH.A.), Pan African Union and the American Indian Club.

At that time, the Associated Student’s president recognized that unlike many other CSU’s, Chico did not have a multicultural center and it became their priority to ensure that Chico’s cultural communities had a larger footprint on this campus.

Thanks to the commitment by the former Vice President of Student Affairs and University President, the Center was made possible. To develop the vision and future of what this footprint would look like was the former director, Charles “CC” Carter.

During the envisioning process, CC took a group of students throughout California to visit several multicultural centers within the UC and CSU system. From this experience the vision was formed to create a Cross-Cultural Leadership Center. It is intentionally a space to bring together a cross section of ethnic and cultural identities to find a sense of belonging and connection while also amplifying their voice and leadership. It is a space that welcomes the hard to talk about conversations, celebrates culture with pride, encourages others to unpack complicated issues, invites individuals into a family that embraces all people and supports them to accomplish their goals.

The CCLC became the ‘place of possibilities’ on Chico’s campus. It was the space that students of color naturally gravitated towards because of its lively conversations, warm hugs and home-like atmosphere. Students are empowered to take any concept or idea that they have envisioned and make it happen in the CCLC. The students are the heart of the work that comes out of the Center and it is dedicated to always be relevant in order to meet the ever changing needs of our students.

In 2008, the CCLC was given a larger footprint at the heart of campus in Meriam Library 172 where it continues to thrive today. It lives by the motto of ensuring every student feels respected, connected and affirmed. It is a space that believes in the potential of its students and empowering them to create the change they wish to see in themselves, their community and our world. In the space you will find beautiful cultural art, games, lab computers, art supplies, a space to relax between classes or eat lunch as well as attend many weekly programs ranging from educational conversations, support groups to weekend retreats and cultural festivals.

In 2017 the CCLC celebrated its 10 year anniversary where alumni, faculty, staff and administration came together to celebrate the past, present and future of the CCLC. Our six pillars were added to highlight the intentionality and purpose of the Center as we grow and expand. Just as cultural centers were needed in the 1960’s when the country was at the height of the Civil Rights movement, in today’s political environment we are seeing just as much need for spaces like the CCLC. We hope that you will come visit us in MLIB 172 as we come together to create family, hope and possibility both today and in the future.

The Summits

People raising their hands at a SummitThanks to Dr. Mariah Kornbluh and the Spencer Foundation, we have been able to take an in-depth peek into our 2017 Latinx Summit. Check out what some of the students have to say about the summit.

"Being a part of the Latinx community, and having that be one of our summits, I mean, it, it made me want to maybe incorporate myself more with my culture. Not because I’m not, um, connected to it, but because I feel I’m not connected to the students who are a part of my community."

"It was all about trusting each other, and we all shared this identity, and no matter what, like we’ll have each other’s backs. The whole thing was about really um, connecting with other people in, on a level that we never get to do."

"I’ve definitely, have become more vocal, and like have been able to like express myself more. Especially like in the organization that I’m involved in. I’ve just kind of taken on more within my organization, because like I feel like the Summit gave me more like courage and confidence so like I came back and I was like, “alright ‘you guys can’t do this? Like, I got this. Like, I can take care of this."

The Resources

By networking and building relationships, the CCLC has grown its services over the years. We offer space for MEChA, and other services for students, including games, computers, reservable space, mentorship, programming support, prayer room, study space, stress relief activities, and cultural and diversity based literature.

The Results

The academic research and foundation for the work within the CCLC is reflected in the following research:

CCLC Climate Survey | April 2018

In three words describe the CCLC

Fun | Supportive | Family

When you first came to the CCLC, what was your initial impression of the Center?

  • I was amazed about how welcoming and supportive everyone was. People seemed really happy. It felt like a very comfortable happy place to be.
  • I saw it as a good place to get to know more POC’s. I also saw it as a way to get more involved on campus
  • I was in shock to see such a culturally filled place. Especially how proud they make me feel about myself.

Describe the environment and your overall experience while in the CCLC

  • Safe and welcoming.
  • Very empowering. great programing, and good environment.
  • CCLC helps me fuel. When I am sad or happy I feel that I am valid. No matter the day I can walk in and be me.

What the Interns Have to Say

“My experience at the CCLC was unique and powerful in many ways. This year was a full of growth in myself and this provided me with the opportunity to help others grow through mentorship.” - Esmeralda Santos

“I would describe my experience as being one of the most educating and impactful work experiences that I have ever had… while working here, I feel that I have been able to gain the transferrable skills and the ability to create an impact within the campus community.” - Jovan Smith

“The thing I learned most about myself is the power of my story in my own life... I learned that releasing my story allows me to connect with other students... I learned the importance of self-care and that it means more than just taking care of my physical health, but my emotional health as well.” - Maisue Thao