Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Jamilet Felix-Cardenas

Inclusion Coordinator

Born in Inglewood, CA and raised in the Coachella Valley, Jamilet decided to attend Chico State in the fall of 2015. She is a fourth-year student majoring in Psychology and Spanish and will be graduating the spring of 2019. Her work has revolved around social and environmental justice.

She has volunteered in multiple organizations, such as the Sierra Club, Raíces, CAVE, Cubanabooks, and many more who share a similar focus. She has also taught at multiple schools from grades 6-12 in the Coachella Valley and in Chico. One of her greatest passions is advocating for mental health and breaking the stigma around topics that hold a societal and cultural taboo.

She hopes to one day be able to help others visualize a future where all of the chains that are currently tying them down to societal expectations break, allowing them to express themselves authentically. Another passion of hers is teaching, and that is what she plans to do with her future. She will become a Spanish high school teacher and obtain her Master’s while teaching. The ultimate goal is earning a Ph.D and becoming a professor. However, being able to influence teenagers positively by working at a high school is highly satisfying for her.