Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Ka Lynda Watts

Inclusion Coordinator

Ka Lynda Watts was born and raised in Compton and Inglewood, CA. She is a first generation, oldest and only girl out of four boys. This is her 5th year here at Chico State and will be graduating spring 2019. Her major is psychology with a minor in sociology and hopes to be a school counselor to misrepresented youth in title 1, low income areas.

Her goal is to achieve a Masters and Doctorate degree in the future and later down the line open up her own practice in marriage and family counseling. Ka Lynda is a co-founder of Just Unity Sistas “justUS” that focuses on the advancement and empowerment of black women and getting rid of the negative stigma and stereotypes that has been upheld on women of color. Our four pillars that we stand by are: empowerment, unity, mentorship and campus presence.

If you have further questions or want to know more information about this or any other African American/ black organization here on campus, she would gladly help. Her passion has always been for the African American/black community and leading the way to change the injustice system, making equal opportunity so that people of color and minorities can be successful.

Being able to advocate for the people that have been underestimated by higher power and change the societal norm that expects us to fail is what drives Ka Lynda to move forward.

“I am no longer accepting the thing I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”   -Angela Davis