Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Amanuel Gebre

Para Professional

"Before you take a look into who I am, I want to thank you for checking out our amazing staff". Amanuel T. Gebre is a senior transfer student majoring in Exercise Physiology and Minoring in Health Promotions. As a transfer student from San Jose, CA, he has studied abroad in Britain last summer and he is a unapologetic foodie. Amanuel joined the CCLC to further his skills as a bridge builder and to practice being a gateway for students to become successful leaders in life and on this campus.

His major may seem like it has nothing to do with cross cultural issues but he plans on changing the conversation around health by making it more inclusive and expanding the landscape of health affairs. He is very excited for the experience the CCLC will offer and the experiences he will share with the many students in the center.