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Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Endiyalynn Jackson-Hill

Para Professional

Endiya is currently a 5th Year here at CSU Chico, currently studying Communications Design with a minor in Broadcasting. Planning on applying for her Master’s Program in Media Design, she serves in the media community here on our campus. Endiya is very involved in our campus organizations and events where she presented as a Facilitator, Mentor, and even Host. Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Endiya chose Chico as a place to pursue her degree in Media as well as being a Lead Mentor for the Pipeline through College Program run through the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (CCLC). Now as a Paraprofessional for the CCLC, Endiya’s goals for the future are to open a Media Mentoring Program that gives students of color the opportunity to explore themselves as well as learn the skills of the Media industry.

While not attending her school work, Endiya runs a radio show, “In Need of a lil T.L.E Radio”, a radio station that serves the student community of Chico through good music, podcasts, and interviews with locals who themselves have started their career paths or businesses. She also serves as the Young People Department Director at Bethel AME here in Chico, CA. Her favorite color is green, she loves singing, editing videos, and most of all being “The Host that does the Most” on her radio show.

Portrait of Endiyalynn Jackson-Hill