Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Kaylena Santos

Para Professional

This fine young ladies name is Kaylena and she is one of the returning CCLC paraprofessionals. She is a transfer student from Fresno, Ca and majoring in Organizational Communications and minoring in Theatre Arts. Kaylena has many passions but continuously finds herself returning to the philosophy of art being a healthy avenue of self-expression and reenforcing the empowerment of women.

She also very much enjoys reading all forms of novels, screen writings and poems, does yoga on the regular and dances 24/7. She has had an amazing experience here at Chico State and plans on ending her last semester here with a bang. She is always wanting to learn about different cultures and loves meeting new people! If you come into her office hours to say Hi, she will definitely greet you with a smile and a hug, so you should stop by! Thanks for reading (: