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Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Raúl Medel Zendejas

Para Professional

Raul is now in his fifth year at Chico State double majoring in Sociology and Psychology and double minoring in diversity studies along with gender and sexuality studies. He is a transfer student coming from Mecca, CA in the East Coachella Valley bringing with him: innovation, creativity, and intention. One of his focuses includes taking a holistic approach to the psychology of people with a heavy influence of restorative practices. A second focus is on deconstructing the concept of manhood while advocating for healthier relationships via acknowledgment, conversation, ownership, and accountability. Additionally, the experience gathered from community work and school organizations have helped envision as well as manifest more opportunities such as the paraprofessional position he holds now. In the coming future, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in both primary academic disciplines with a heavy influence from the global south straying away from the western metropol.  

Aside from the work and academics, Raul continues to be a student of life where he loves to cook, learns new recipes, indulges in music, immerses himself in knowledge, and vigorously contemplates the human condition. He remains an idealist and optimist at heart motivated by the great words of James Baldwin “ I cannot be a pessimist because I am alive” and grounded by “If I love you I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see”. 

Portrait of Raúl Medel Zendejas