Computing and Communications Services

Frequently Asked Questions



Q. How much does a new telephone line or computer network connection cost?
A. Please see our current rates. For more information, contact Communications Account Services (CASV) at or call 530-898-6868

Q. How can I see what my department is billed for telephone and network services?
A. CASV has an admin telecom billing website that each department on campus has access to. If you are the representative for your department and you do not have access, contact

Q. How do I get access to the admin telecom billing website?
A. Please contact CASV at and provide the DeptID for your department. We will contact you once your access is ready. We will also provide a user manual which will help you understand the reports available to you.

Q. I have access to the Admin Telecom Billing website but I cannot log in.
A. Admin Telecom Billing uses the same user ID and password as your Exchange and Portal account. If you are using your current Exchange and Portal UserID and password and still cannot log in, please contact CASV at 530-898-6868.


Q. Who do I call and how much will it cost to have a computer network connection installed in my office?
A. Please call ITSS at 530-898-4357 and open a Service Request. A technician will come out and complete the work necessary to get you connected. We charge per half hour plus material costs. For an overview of labor rates and ongoing monthly charges, please refer to our current rates.


Q. How do I get a new telephone line?
A. Call ITSS at 530-898-4357. They will open a Service Request and a technician will contact you to arrange for the work to be performed.

Q. I have been asked to submit a CAF (Charge Authorization Form). What is the CAF paying for?
A. A CAF is necessary to pay for the time and materials needed to complete your Service Request. For the ongoing monthly services, you will be billed through admin telecom billing.

Q. The buttons on my phone do not work. Who do I call?
A. Please call ITSS at 530-898-4357.  They will open a Service Request.

Q. I need to conduct a conference call from our conference room on campus, but there is no phone in that room. What do I need to do?
A. Please call ITSS at 530-898-4357 and open a Service Request. A technician will determine if a phone line already exists in that room, or give you the option of having a line installed. Once a line is in place, You may also want to purchase a conference phone from your vendor of choice.

Q. For my conference call, I need several people to call me. How do I conference them all into one call?
A. CASV offers a conference calling service where you provide all the participants with an 800 number to call. Once you are ready to conference them together, you call in as well. For more information, call CASV at 530-898-6868

Voice Mail

Q. I see a red light on my phone telling me I have a voice mail message. How do I check my voice mail?
A. Refer to the voice mail guide (PDF) for instructions on dialing into your voice mailbox and retrieving your messages. If you still need help after reading the guide, please call ITSS at 530-898-4357.

Q. How do I change the voice mail greeting on my phone?
A. Please refer to the voice mail guide (PDF) for instructions on accessing your voice mailbox and changing the features, such as your outgoing message.

Q. I'm moving to a new department on campus. Do I need to set up a new voice mailbox at my new phone number?
A. No, you can move your voice mailbox from your old phone number to your new phone number. Please submit a voice mail support ticket(opens in new window) and complete all the necessary information.