Computing and Communications Services


Completed Projects

Completed projects from the Computing and Communications Services departments. 

Network Refresh Project

In Spring 2023 our Network Operations team completed a project to replace aging equipment in all State-supported campus buildings in order to deliver faster network connections for our campus community. See our Network Refresh Project page for more information. 


Bell Memorial Union (BMU) Infrastructure Upgrades

The BMU will receive new infrastructure to support several new wireless access points and cameras for campus safety.

New Science Building (Siskiyou II)

Siskiyou Hall began demolition in the spring of 2018 to make way for a new science building, to house state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and research centers, in addition to support space and offices for our science departments. To find out more about the New Science Building, including a construction timeline, please visit Facilities Management & Services' New Science Building page.

Next-Generation VPN Service

The campus VPN solution, Pulse Secure, reached its end of life in early 2020. After careful consideration of the needs of campus users onsite and offsite, Network Operations made the decision to proceed with GlobalProtect VPN Client to meet campus needs. GlobalProtect was launched in March 2020 for all campus users.

Housing Wireless Access Point Refresh

To ensure that our dorm-housed students could study and communicate more effectively over wireless, 325 wireless access points throughout the dorms were replaced in 2019. These replacements represent a major upgrade to wifi quality and bandwidth, from wireless standard 802.11n (Wi-Fi 4) to wireless standard 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6). This allowed wireless access points to communicate with more devices, more efficiently than ever, giving a huge boost to wireless coverage and reliability in the dorms.

Arts & Humanities Building

For the new Arts & Humanities building (ARTS), completed in 2016, Computing & Communications Services provided specifications and design review, inspection during construction, and coordination for its smart classroom technologies. Additionally, CCSV aided in the coordination of infrastructure, cabling, and electronics efforts. You can read more about the ARTS building in Chico State Today's 2016 article.

Butte Enterprise Data Center Upgrades

The Butte Hall Enterprise Data Center was originally constructed for mainframes when the building was built in 1969. This project enabled some energy savings through more effective and efficient cooling. This project accomplished the installation of cold aisle containment boxes to manage airflow more efficiently, variable speed motors that use less energy, and new high airflow tiles to aid in cooling the data center.

Farm Aerial Fiber

Currently, the University Farm is connected via wireless mesh solutions.  To improve reliability CCSV and the College of Agriculture approved plans to upgrade connectivity. Fiber optic cabling will be hung on current utility poles to several buildings and designated areas.

O'Connell Infrastructure Upgrade

This project replaced all cabling in O'Connell Center (OCNL) to meet the campus standard, enabling modern network capability and speed.