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Rogue Tenant Migration

Migrating Student Data from Rogue Tenant to Production Exchange Online Tenant


The project's goal is to migrate student data from a rogue tenant to a production Exchange Online tenant. The rogue tenant was created inadvertently when students used their Gmail addresses to enroll in Office 365 services. This resulted in a split o365 tenants, with students on and faculty/staff on addresses. To unify the system, students were migrated to Exchange Online, but their data still resides in the rogue tenant. 

The project will include the migration of OneNote, Teams, and OneDrive files from the rogue tenant to the production tenant. The migration process will be carried out in phases to minimize any disruptions to ongoing activities. The project team will work closely with stakeholders, including students, faculty, and IT staff, to ensure a seamless migration process.


The project's scope includes the following activities:

Assessment and planning: This phase will involve identifying the data to be migrated, mapping out the migration process, and developing a detailed project plan. The project team will also determine the appropriate migration tools and identify any potential risks and mitigation strategies.

Preparation: This phase will involve preparing the production tenant for the migration, such as setting up permissions, and configuring settings.

Testing: This phase will involve testing the migrated data to ensure that it is complete and accessible to the appropriate users. The project team will also test the user experience and identify any issues that need to be addressed.

Communications: This phase will involve sending out targeted communications to the 815 affected users. Several communications will be sent out in April/May 2023 to ensure students receive the message prior to summer.

Migration: This phase will involve sending out communications to affected users with links to the tested documentation. This work will occur in batches to minimize the impact of service desk support calls.

Post-migration support: This phase will involve providing support to users and addressing any issues that may arise after the migration.

The project's success will be measured by the successful migration of student data to the production tenant and the availability of the data to the appropriate users. The project team will also monitor the user experience and address any issues that arise promptly. 


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