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Chico State CE is Well-Known for Small Class Sizes and Close Interaction between the Students and Faculty

The smaller class sizes at Chico State means that students get more interaction with their professors. At Chico State, professors have time to meet with students and answer their questions.  Smaller class sizes create a positive learning environment in the classroom.

Bar chart showing avg. class size across 5 schools Chico, SLO, Sac, Davis, Berkley. Ranges from 41 to 48

All numbers displayed on chart are represent the average number of students in the lecture portion of Civil Engineering courses with no associated lab, activity, or discussion. Courses with break out sections (labs, activities, ect) give student the opportunity to have a small learning environment, so this study compares the class room sizes of classes where students wouldn't get the opportunity to participate in a small lab or discussion. Individual Class sizes used for each university can be viewed in the tables below.  Classes with multiple sections were averaged then displayed as one course in the tables and any activity, discussion, or lab was displayed as a lab in the "has lab" section.

Chico State CE is Well-Known for a Hands-on Lab-Intensive Program

Chico State CE believes that a hands-on learning environment helps improve quality of learning for students.  Lab courses help support subjects learned in a lecture, bring understanding to complex subjects, and are a fun way to learn.  The Chico State Civil Engineering curriculum requires more labs than many other leading Civil Engineering programs.

  • CSU Chico
    Average Engineering Lecture Size without labs
    ClassLecture SizeHas Lab
    CIVL 10196
    CIVL 13044Lab
    CIVL 13034Lab
    CIVL 20526
    CIVL 21179Lab
    CIVL 30243
    CIVL 31140
    CIVL 31327
    CIVL 32177Lab
    CIVL 41560Lab
    CIVL 44167Lab
    CIVL 46128
    CIVL 49587
    CIVL 55133
    CIVL 57122
    CIVL 59510
    Average class size of lectures with no lab: 41