Professional Advisory Board

The Department of Civil Engineering is advised by a very active Professional Advisory Board (PAB). The PAB meets twice yearly in order to assist the department in a variety of activities associated with the Civil Engineering program. PAB is currently working on program assessment related tasks.

If you are interested in becoming a member of PAB, please contact us 

Meet the Board

mark adams Mark Adams
David Day David Day
George Hansen George Hansen
Gary Hicks Gary Hicks
Tim Huckabay Tim Huckabay
Sam Johnson Sam Johnson
Kristen Kingsly Kristen Kingsley
Roberta McLaughlin Roberta McLaughlin
Brian Stephenson Brian Stephenson
Nick Weigle Nick Weigel
Russ Wenham Russ Wenham

Other Members of the PAB Include;

Ed Anderson

Mike Crump

Shawn Drobny

Leonard Fisher

Ben Fontana

Tom Glover

Kevin Hanley

Wayne Ohlin

Rory Rottschalk

Al Savitz

Jim Schericht

Jackie Steiner

Harold Welborn


Professional Advisory Board along with Chico State CE students and faculty.