Civil Engineering

APWA Internship Program

Civil Engineering majors may choose to participate in the CSUC/American Public Works Association (APWA) Internship Program. Get paid and earn academic credit at the same time!

An internship with sufficient engineering content can qualify for three units of academic credit - as a CIVL 389 Civil Engineering Internship - and satisfy the Technical Elective requirement in the CE major. Most students complete their internship over the summer, as part of a normal summer job.

Students turn in required materials at various times during the internship. 

Application Process

  • Students are responsible for locating and applying for the internship position. Watch for department announcements regarding available internships and check with the university Internship Center(opens in new window).
  • Once you have secured an appropriate internship, contact any full-time member of the CE faculty and ask that s/he be your internship adviser. You should select someone who has expertise in the area in which you plan to work (e.g., structural engineering).
  • No later than two weeks before classes end in the semester prior to your internship, sign up in the CE Department Office (LANG 207). You will be manually enrolled in the appropriate internship course - you cannot enroll yourself.
  • Students enrolled in an internship course must meet with the CE Internship Coordinator prior to the end of the semester preceding the internship. If a sufficient number of students have signed up, this meeting will be scheduled as a seminar. This meeting is intended to provide participants with specific information about completing all applicable requirements during their upcoming internship.
  • During the internship, each student will submit to his/her internship advisor the materials listed below. All materials must be submitted - the most important is the Final Report and Portfolio of sample work. Since students receive three units of academic credit for their internship the work experience must be clearly documented.
  • Each student's internship advisor will verify with the CE Internship Coordinator that all materials have been submitted and that the work performed was of sufficient quantity and character to qualify for academic credit. Students meeting these requirements will receive a grade of CR (credit) in the course. Those who do not will receive a NC (no credit).

The current CE Internship Coordinator is Dr. Jared DeBock(opens in new window).

Internship Materials

General Information

Internship Submittals

  • Internship Approval Form - This form must be completed and approved before starting the internship.  If it is not approved, you will not receive credit. Please open form in Adobe and sign electronically. 
  • Progress Report - Due by July 15th during the summer term of the internship.
  • Final Report & Portfolio (PDF) - Due immediately after the internship.


Both are due at the end of the internship program.

  • Supervisor Evaluation - Completed by the supervisor.
  • Student Evaluation - Completed by the student.