Civil Engineering

Scholarships & Awards

Scholarship Application

You must complete both a University Scholarship Application and a Civil Engineering Scholarship Application, and be a continuing student (i.e., have at least one semester remaining before graduation), in order to be considered for any CE scholarship.

  • University Scholarship Application(opens in new window)  - The university scholarship application window will open on January 2nd and will close on February 15th. Instructions: Fill out this form on-line.
  • Civil Engineering Scholarship Application - An electronic copy of the CE Scholarship Application must be submitted by February 15th. See the application form for additional information. Instructions: Download and complete this form, then email it to the CE scholarship coordinator, as stated on the form.

No application is needed to be considered for a CE Department Award. We know who you are.

Available Scholarships

A variety of engineering scholarships and awards are available to continuing and graduating Civil Engineering students and are administered by the engineering departments. These provide recognition and financial assistance to deserving students and include:

  • American Society of Civil Engineers Awards
  • Herbert F. Langdon Memorial Scholarship
  • Andy J. Roberts Memorial Scholarship
  • Gary Z. Watters Scholarship
  • Lagerlef Scholarship
  • Miyamoto International Scholarship
  • Dennis P. Murphy Scholarship
  • Ringel & Associates Scholarship
  • Al Dorion Scholarship
  • Structural Engineering Association Scholarship
  • Aztlan Scholarship
  • Julia Moriarty Scholarship
  • Maurice Mow Scholarship

Other scholarships and awards are available through the University and other professional societies.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Office(opens in new window)