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If your overall score is:

190 - 201: You're ready to go!
Individuals with a score in this range are more prepared for online learning than 50-75 percent of their student peers.

178 - 189: You're almost there!
Individuals with a score in this range may experience a little difficulty with taking online courses. Look through the statements again and identify which areas you think you may need help. Are you a procrastinator? Do you need some help learning some time management skills? Do you need a little help overcoming some technical hurdles? With a little effort, you could be ready to go!

0 - 177: Proceed with caution.
Individuals with a score in this range may need to acquire some new skills before proceeding with online courses. You may need to increase your reading and writing skills, learn some time management skills, or take an introduction to computers course. Look over the statements again to identify the areas in which you need the most help and start there.

Your Computer Skills score is .
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Your Independent Learning score is .
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Your Dependent Learning score is .
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Your Need for Online Delivery score is .

Unlike the other subscales, the Need for Online Delivery score identifies a need instead of a skill. If your score is 3.4 or higher, it indicates that your lifestyle (i.e., career, family structure, personal responsibilities, distance to higher education entities) may demand the flexibility that the online classroom can provide.

A score below 3.4 suggests that you do not have a pressing need for online delivery of instruction. Online courses are just one of several options for you.

For more information on the scoring of this self-assessment, visit Dr. Marcel Kerr's website. You will find more information on the different sections of this survey as well as links to study skills websites and technology tutorials.

For information on how to improve your readiness for online courses, please visit the Online-Readiness page.