Online Readiness Evaluation for Students

Taking Online or Hybrid Courses

One way to graduate on time, further your professional skills, and/or fulfill ongoing education needs is to take courses offered partially or completely online. We have included some links at the bottom of this page that will help you check out your options—both from the Chico State campus and the Cal State University system.

Online Readiness Self-Assessment

Online and hybrid classes utilize varying technologies or delivery methods. Regardless of the exact course structure, success in an online course depends on a student’s ability to use technology, study independently, manage time and put forth the same effort as in a face-to-face class. This self-assessment instrument helps determine your readiness to be successful in your course.  After you have responded to the assessment questions and received an evaluation, return here to plan your next steps.

1. Take the self-assessment and keep open the browser window with your evaluation results. NOTE: This link opens into a new window.

2. You have received an overall “score” as well as a score and feedback in five distinct categories. If your overall score is between 194-201, then no further preparation is necessary before you sign up for online and hybrid courses.

3. If your overall score is less than 194, then scroll down in that results window to see where in the five separate categories you need some preparation or guidance, then look at the corresponding area here to see what support you can get at Chico State.

Computer Skills

a. If the self-assessment indicates that you need to become more comfortable using the basic technologies used in online learning, you should go to IT Support Services (ITSS) for help. ITSS offers assistance setting up your computer for online learning, using e-mail, as well as workshops to learn to use Windows and Office. .

b. Most CSU Chico online courses are offered through Blackboard Learn (Bb Learn). If you are fairly new to Bb Learn, you will find a Blackboard Learn Student Orientation course is available to you once you’re logged into Bb Learn. You can also use the Official Blackboard Help site here which explains the use many of the Bb Learn elements, with text and video tutorials.

c. If you experience difficulty accessing Blackboard Learn, be sure to visit the ITSS Bb Learn Student Support page


Independent/Dependent Learning and Academic Skills

We have combined three of the results into one area here. To some extent, these three categories of results look at your personal character traits. This area also looks at your level of academic skills.

Often, personal characteristics—such as the tendency to procrastinate in tasks, including school work—can actually change drastically with some training and support in academic skills.

If the self-assessment indicates that you need help with your study skills, motivation and time management, you should contact the Student Learning Center. The SLC offers workshops on Study Skills.  They also have writing mentors available through their online writing support service inside Blackboard (


Need for Online Delivery

Even if you don’t score high on an actual need for online delivery, there may be other reasons that you choose to take an online course. Don’t let a low score discourage you if this is really what you want.


Additional Information:

Disability and Accessibility

 If you have a disability, you may want to contact the Accessibility Resource Center to ensure that you have the support or accommodations you need to be successful in the course.

Selecting Classes

For assistance choosing classes and working toward an on-time graduation, contact:

  • (for regular admitted students)—Your first stop should be Academic Advising to learn how online courses fit into your academic plan. 
  • (for students who already have a declared major)—ask your major advisor what online options exist on our campus, or through affiliated programs.
  • (for Distance Education students)-- contact Regional and Continuing Education at or give them a call: 530-898-6105.
  • If you aren’t currently a student at Chico State, but you would like to take classes from Chico State faculty, learn about Open University options.
  • If we don’t have what you need on this campus, you also may explore the opportunities available through the Cal State Online set of offerings.