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May 2018

Chico Residents Rally for New Skatepark

Staketers at the Chico State stakepark
It all started with a parent asking why Chico didn't have a safe skatepark for his kids and It quickly turned into a grassroots organization called Chico Skatepark Solutions. They are a group of  teachers,  administrators, lawyers, grant writers, auto mechanics, photographers and most importantly, YOUTH. The existing skatepark was outdated, unsafe and had become a regular park for drugs and transient encampments. This group was determined to build a safe and desirable skatepark and they did so by involving youth and residents along the way.
Parents at city hall
This passionate group of parents and children presented at a local Parks and Recreation District board meeting to express their concerns about the state of the park. With parents and youth presenting their concerns, the board approved the development of a committee to come up with a plan to access potential city funds for a major park renovation. CARD contributed $45,000 for the initial design stage which included community input from local skaters, predominantly youth.
Parents supporting the skatepark with signs
With designs in place, the group was tasked with presenting to both the City Council and the Park Commission. The park was categorized as a neighborhood park. In order to access community park renovation funds, it had to be categorized as a community park. Dozens of adults and youth turned out to advocate to have it's designation changed which made park renovation funds available. The next step was to receive approval from City Council and once again, youth were key presenters and ultimately the renovation was approved. 
Chico Skatepark Solutions raised over $80,000 for the renovation through fundraisers and donations.
Remarkebly, Chico Skatepark Solutions raised over $80,000 for the renovation through fundraisers and donations. The biggest donation came from Lulu's, a local clothing retailer and neighboring business. They donated truckloads of clothes for an outlet sale that was run 100% by adult and youth volunteers. In addition, they hosted silent auctions and sold Fix Chico Skatepark t-shirts and Klean Kanteens. It was a happy day when Chico Skatepark Solutions was able to give $80,000 to the Chico Area Recreation District and begin building a fabulous new park. 
The grand opening took place on May 12th, 2018.
The grand opening took place on May 12th, 2018. Congratulations Chico Skateparks Solutions for being a voice for the Chico Community and showing us what can be done with passion and determination.
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