Center for Healthy Communities

Stephanie Bianco

  • MS, RD
  • Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Science

Stephanie's Biographical Sketch (PDF)

Stephanie Bianco has a long history in community nutrition, clinical nutrition and school foodservice management and one that has influenced many CHC practices since 2006. She received her BS in Dietetics from UC Davis and her MS and RD from Texas A&M University with an emphasis on lipoprotein biology and nutritional biochemistry in 2001. She began as a CSU, Chico lecturer in 2005, received a tenure track faculty position in 2006 and became Associate Professor in 2010. Since joining the center, she has helped streamline CHC’s HR practices, has developed innovative food safety education programs, continues to expand research evaluation activities with existing community based programs, is instrumental in student recruitment and interdisciplinary collaborations, and has helped secure many grants and contracts, including the newest statewide contracts. Bianco is most passionate about data-driven research and program activities that support policy change on state and national levels. She is thrilled to continue in this role with the support of her colleagues at CHC and on campus.

Portrait of Stephanie Bianco