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Nutrition Therapy & Education

Center for Healthy Communities has partnered with Chico Pediatrics(opens in new window) and other pediatric offices in the Chico area since 2015. At Chico Pediatrics, CHC dietitians provide nutrition therapy and nutrition education for individuals, families, and groups, helping them make changes in nutrition, exercise, overall lifestyle, and attitudes that support healthy living. We provide the most current nutrition information to support the development and maintenance of healthy food and lifestyle habits for the whole family.

pediatrician teaching family

Services Offered

  • Individual and family nutrition counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy focus on nutrition solutions and positive health outcomes through individualized nutrition counseling and coordination of care.
  • Nutritional counseling may address the child's growth, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, food allergies, picky eating, and much more.
  • Group nutrition education classes for parents and families that may be general nutrition or condition-specific with and without cooking instruction.

Nutrition & Consulting Services