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Harvest of the Month

Actively Promoting Fresh Food & Nutrition Education

CHC actively promotes California's Harvest of the Month(opens in new window) and works with public schools and libraries in Butte, Glenn, Tehama and Colusa Counties. We provide classroom educational materials for teachers and fresh fruit and vegetable “tastings” directly to students.

HOTM Activity Bag

Increasing Enjoyment and Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables

In order to motivate students to make healthful choices, they are provided opportunities to taste and explore the featured fruit/vegetable of the month during class. Each month, participating teachers and librarians receive food-themed activities in order to present stories to the students during their tasting adventure.


Farmer of the Month

Supporting Family Farms & Circulating Program Funds

Farmer of the Month introduces local or regional family farmers that grow each month’s “harvest” crop. Whenever possible, CHC buys the fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts it serves in classrooms directly from farmers, to help support family farms and keep program funds circulating in the community.

FOTM Vegetable purchase

A Personal Farmer Introduction

CHC creates print classroom materials and a monthly newsletter to help teachers and librarians introduce the Farmer of the Month to their students. Included with a personal farmer introduction are more fun facts about that month’s produce selection, a simple recipe, and an invitation to visit local farmers’ market to meet the farmer. Students have been known to do just that—and even ask farmers for their autographs!

Family Farmer

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