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Project DA-FANH

Enriching education at the intersection of Data Analytics and the Food, Agriculture, Natural and Human Sciences through professional experiential learning and curriculum development.

Project DA-FANH(opens in new window) aims to retain and graduate highly qualified students from traditionally underrepresented communities who are capable of enhancing the nation’s food, agriculture, natural resources, and human sciences (FANH) professional and scientific work force.

A group of Chico Stem Connections Collaborative Summer research students after a 1.5 day data skills training workshop. Cameo by Captain Planet.


  • Career Panels & Job Talks

    Providing students opportunities for direct access to careers at the intersection of FANH and Data Science (DS). Activities include:

    • Annual career panels and monthly “Ask me anything” (AMA) job talks.
    • Creating degree & career path guidance documents.
    • A $25,000 Scholarship based on merit and need, beyond the scope of any other participation in this grant.
  • Experiential Learning Program

    To further student scientific and professional competencies. Authentic internship experiences emphasize problem solving, decision-making, and remote team collaboration skills. Activities include:

    • Developing a diverse and equitable professional DS internship pilot program by collaborating with partner organizations who work directly in the FANH sciences.
    • Implement the internship as a cohort model of Undergraduate & Graduate student teams working directly with professionals at the partner organization.
  • Faculty Learning Community

    To integrate DS skills into curriculum that support FANH programs and to increase interest and aptitude among faculty and students. Promoting culturally relevant pedagogy and modeling incorporation of DS technologies in the FANH curriculum will dismantle existing stereotypes about who belongs and build a pathway for Students of Color in DS and FANH careers. Activities include:

    • Developing and offering a FLC to develop culturally relevant, project-based and data-driven curriculum that uses modern DS tools (e.g. R, Python, SAP Analytics, GitHub) in the classroom.
    • Providing direct and indirect support for traditional and alternative methods of implementation of the newly developed curriculum. Evaluate the curriculum from both the student and faculty perspective.
  • Community Development

    Build and foster an active, inclusive, diverse community of learners and instructors that promotes and models the importance of software and data in research. Activities include:

    • Training faculty to become certified Carpentry Instructors to teach DS tools.
    • Provide targeted skills professional development workshops for Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, Undergraduate student researchers, and organizational partners.
    • Provide drop in faculty and peer tutor support for all researchers and classes containing a DS component (Community Coding).
A pair of students looking at a laptop and collaborating on a project at Data Fest in April 2022

Activities & Resources

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