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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Award Ceremony - 2012

Recipients of the Award for

Outstanding Achievement and Accomplishment In:

General Chemistry (CHEM 111 & 112)- Eoin Mackall

Quantitative Chemistry  (CHEM 320)- Brittany Ordez  

Organic Chemistry  (CHEM 270 & 370)- Tyron Chang & Nick Vierra

Organic Chemistry Lab (CHEM 370M)- Nick Vierra

Physical Chemistry  (CHEM 331 & 332)- Devin McBain

Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 360 & 361)- Devin McBain 

Integrated Lab (CHEM 381 & 382)- Cisco Jimenez

Instrumental Analysis  (CHEM 420)- Frank Eberle

Biochemistry  (CHEM 451 & 452)- Joey Katz & Adam Taylor

Biochemistry Lab (CHEM 453M)- Ryan Fedrizzi

Recipients of the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award:

Chemistry- Christina McCulley

Biochemistry- Ali Rashid Divanfard

Scholarship Recipients:

Floyd L. English (College of Natural Sciences)- Joey Katz & Devin McBain

Grover Willis Scholarship- Michael Shaffer

Marvin Gold SAACS Award- Carter Holt

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) Fellowship Awardees & Their Funding Source

Leo Savage-Low- CSUPERB President's Commission Scholar Award

Eoin Mackall- Eugene Reid Summer Research Award

Genessee Carini- Marshall Ginter Summer Research Award

Katie Blacksmith- Marshall Ginter Summer Research Award

Devin McBain- British Petroleum (BP) Summer Research Award

Azure Grant- British Petroleum (BP) Summer Research Award

Shane Rainey- Rice Research Board Summer Research Award

Dan Parker- Rice Research Board Summer Research Award

Graduating Seniors- Biochemistry (5)

Erin Combs

Skylar Lautt

Ali Rashid Divanfard

Kristen Siders

Chelssa Snow

Graduating Seniors-Chemistry (10)

Christopher Almlie

Ryan Barnes

Frank Eberle

Erin Knight

Christina McCulley

Justin Overshiner

Emily Shaffer

Mariah Simpson

Brandon Tautges

Jamie Wenham