Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Club (SAACS)

(also known as Chico State ACS: Student Chapter)

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To celebrate National Chemistry Week, SAACS is hosting an inaugural CHEM Olympics! To participate, just show up! Event winners will receive a prize!!

  • Mon, Oct 16, 11am in SCI 349 - Mass Masters: Two kick-off events! Chemists (1) will estimate the mass of sand in a rb flask, and (2) will be timed on how fast they can weigh out exactly 2.00 g of sand on weigh paper.
  • Tue, Oct 17, 3pm in SCI 349 - Perfect Pour: Chemists will be given 100-mL of water in a grad cyl, then pour that water into various containers, and then back into the original grad cylinder.
  • Wed, Oct 18, 9am in SCI 349 - Pippeting Perfection: Chemists will be timed in how fast they can pipet 80 uL into 10 microcentrifuge tubes, followed by 150 uL into another 10 microcentrifuge tubes.
  • Thu, Oct 19, 9am in SCI 349 - Rally Race: Chemists will be timed in how fast they can build a molecule using a model kit, and then put on a lab coat, goggles, and a pair of gloves. 5pm on SCI 4th Floor: SAACS general meeting with decorating and eating periodic table cookies.
  • Fri, Oct 20, 3pm in SCI 349 - Titration Sensation: Chemists will be judged on whose titration yields the faintest pink, given two chances to do so with a time limit.

Come socialize and eat free pizza at SAACS meetings every other Thursday at 5pm on the 4th floor of SCI. All majors are welcome! Our meetings this semester are Aug 24; Sep 7 and 21; Oct 5 and 19; Nov 2 and 16; and Dec 7th.

Please sign-up to have free lunch with CHEM seminar speakers and SAACS officers!

 Starting Week #2, drop by our club room, SCI 457, for FREE TUTORING and HOMEWORK HELP!

Tutoring/HW Help Schedule in SCI 457

Contact SAACS by e-mailing the club president, Wyatt Taylor: <>. Or you can e-mail the faculty advisor, Dr. Arpin: <>.

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