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Chemistry and Biochemistry

CSRI at Chico State

No 2020 CSRI - check back for future information

Summer Undergraduate Research

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has supported the summer undergraduate research efforts of over 140 students since 2000 when the Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) was founded with a donation from Roche Biosciences, Palo Alto. Since then, every summer six to eight of our faculty members volunteer their time to work side-by-side with students.


Thanks to the pioneering efforts of three distinguished faculty, and the gifts and donations of our alumni, the Department offers three named awards that support our summer research students with a stipend, money for reagents/supplies, and travel to scientific conferences! Because of these funds our students have conducted research in all the major divisions of chemistry and many have worked on cutting-edge cross-disciplinary projects.

Integration of Research and Education

The National Science Foundation (NSF) states that undergraduate research “... draws on the integration of research and education to attract a diverse pool of talented students into careers in science and engineering…” Our CSRI program exemplifies the NSF statement as evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of our summer research associates go on to pursue graduate degrees in chemistry or biochemistry!

As a result of these efforts, our Department sends several students each year to the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society to present their results to the broader scientific community.

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) Minjoo Kim (left), Devin McBain (center), and Dahlia Chavez (right)