Chemistry and Biochemistry

Summer 2022

*All seminars begin at noon unless stated otherwise.


Tuesday, May 31, Science Building 4th floor at 9 a.m.
Christopher Nichols (Chemistry and Biochemistry, chair), CSRI 2022 Orientation

Tuesday, May 31, Science Building 2nd floor at 10 a.m.
CSRI 2022 Welcome!


Wednesday, June 1, O'Connell Center 254
Pablo Cornejo, "Welcome and What is Research?"

Wednesday, June 8, O'Connell Center 254
Garrett Lilies (College of Ag), "Scientific Communication" 

Thursday, June 9, Science Building 4th floor
Dave Ball (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Acidiities of Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids"

Wednesday, June 15, O'Connell Center 254
Chico Adelante Program, "Is Graduate School for Me?" (expert panel)

Thursday, June 16, Science Building 4th floor
Carolynn Arpin (Chemistry and Biochemistry), " Recent CHEM Grad Syntheses: Soraphen A and Pyronaridine"

Wednesday, June 22, O'Connell Center 254
Jeff Harrington (Career Center), " Cover Letters and Statements of Purpose

Wednesday, June 29, O'Connell Center 254
Student Participants, Research Elevator Speech (3 minutes)

Thursday, June 30, Science Building 4th floor
Monica So (Chemistry and Biochemistry), " Improving Energy, Food, & Water Security with Nanomaterials"


Wednesday, July 6, O'Connell Center 254
David Alexander (College of Ag), " Preparing a Scientific Presentation

Wednesday, July 13, Plumas Hall 106
Steffen Mehl (Civil Engineering), " Preparing a Scientific Poster

Thursday, July 21, Science Building 4th floor
Nery Bautista and Jose Huidor, Student Research Presentation

Angel Cash, Student Research Presentation 

Wednesday, July 27, Plumas Hall 106
CSCCoordinators, "Rock Your Resume

Julia Penick, Student Research Presentation 

Thursday, July 28, Science Building 4th floor
Preston Lawson, Student Research Presentation


Wednesday, August 3, O'Connell Center 124
Student Participants, CSC 2 UGR Program Presentations

Thursday, August 4, Science Building 4th floor
Monica Lopez and Jackson Thomassian, "Synthesis of Chiral Beta Amino Acids"

Thursday, August 12, Science Building 4th floor
End of CSRI 2022 Celebration!