Chemistry and Biochemistry

Summer 2023

*All seminars begin at noon unless stated otherwise.


Tuesday, May 30, Science Building 4th floor at 9 a.m.
Dr. Christopher Nichols (Chemistry and Biochemistry, chair), CSRI 2023 Orientation

Wednesday, May 31, O'Connell Center 124
Kasey DeAtley, CSC2, "What is Research?"


Wednesday, June 7, O'Connell Center 124
Dr. Garrett Lilies (College of Ag), "Scientific Communication" 

Thursday, June 8, Science Building 4th floor
Dr. Dave Ball (Chemistry and Biochemistry), "Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Dioxane-Based Antiviral Agents"

Wednesday, June 14, O'Connell Center 124
Logan Smith (College of Ag), "Is Graduate School for Me?"

Thursday, June 15, Science Building 3rd floor
Dr. Lisa Ott (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Wednesday, June 21, O'Connell Center 124
Student presenters, CSC2, Research Elevator Speeches 

Thursday, June 22, Science Building 3rd floor
Dr. Jinsong Zhang (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Sean Newsom and Wyatt Taylor (CSRI fellows)

Friday, June 23, Science Building 4th floor at 11 a.m.
Juan Caravez (Chico State alum, UC Santa Barabra graduate student), "Sustainable Technologies Applied Towards the Synthesis of the SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Inhibitor Nirmatrelvir, the key Ingredient in Paxlovid"

Wednesday, June 28, O'Connell Center 124
Kailee Schroeder, CSC2, "Email Ettiquette" 

Thursday, June 29, Science Building 4th floor
Dr. Carolynn Arpin (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Wednesday, July 5, O'Connell Center 124
TBA, "Preparing a Scientific Presentation

Thursday, July 6, Science Building 4th floor
Robabeh Bashiri (Chemistry and Biochemistry, postdoctoral fellow)

Wednesday, July 12, TBA
Celina Phillips (College of Ag), "Preparing a Scientific Poster

Thursday, July 13, Science Building 4th floor
Michelle Mussuto, Meriam Library

Wednesday, July 19, Mineral, California
CSC2 Field Trip to Lassen National Park

Thursday, July 20, Science Building 4th floor
Paul Alderson (CSRI fellow), Student Research Presentation

Emmanuel Gallegos and Rene Sabala (CSRI fellows), Student Research Presenation

Wednesday, July 26, O'Connell Center 124
Kailee Schroeder, CSC2, "Rock Your Resume/CV" 

Thursday, July 27, Science Building 4th floor
Angelo Vincini (CSRI fellow), "Exploration of Air, Water, and Light Stability of Semi-Transparent Agrivoltaics"

Ernesto Lucatero (CSRI fellow), "Cleaning Up Acid Rain with Efficient Nanosponge Catalysts"

Shannon Hickman (CSRI fellow), Student Research Presenation


Wednesday, August 2, TBA, 8 a.m.
Student presenters, CSC 2 UGR Presentations

Thursday, August 3, TBA, 8 a.m.
Student presenters, CSC 2 UGR Presentations

Thursday, August 3, Science Building 4th floor
Olivia Hoy (CSRI fellow), "Synthesis of Chiral Dioxanes for Potential Medicinal Use"

Robert Knight (CSRI fellow), "Exploring [4 + 3] Electrocylic Reactions Synthetically and Computationally"

Joseline Reade (CSRI fellow), "Synthesis of Chiral B-Amino Acid Precursors"

Thursday, August 10, Science Building 4th floor
Preston Lawson (CSRI fellow), Student Research Presenation

Thursday, August 11, Science Building 4th floor
End of CSRI 2023 Celebration!