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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Merck 2019 Chemistry Future Talents Program

Summer Internships and Co-Ops available beginning in May 2019

  • Open to Undergraduate and Graduate Students
  • Three of Six Months in Duration, Travel Supported
  • Paid positions available at Merch sites in:
    • Boston (MA)
    • Kenilworth & Rahway (NJ)
    • San Francisco (CA)
    • West Point (PA)
  • Departments of:
    • Process
    • Analytical and Discovery Chemistry

Join a program that provide exemplary students with the opportunity to work on meaningful assignments and gain real world world experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Join a team that is committed to saving and improving live around the world.

Please apply online at in new window) with the job codes below:

  • Process/Medicinal Chemistry Internships [ADM009786] and Co-Ops [ADM009822]
  • Chemical Engineering [ADM009742]
  • Biocatalysis [ADM009889]
  • Analytical Chemistry [ADM009746]
  • Many more!*

*For all listings - search Intern of CO-OP at in new window).