Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fall 2008

All seminars held on Friday in AYRS 120 at 1:00pm unless otherwise noted


September 5

Professor Matt Augustine - Department of Chemistry - University of California, Davis
"Better Living through Chemistry: Red or White, All Wine goes with NMR"
Randy Miller

October 3

Professor Ana de Bettencourt-Dias - Department of Chemistry - University of Nevada, Reno
"Luminescent Ln (III) complexes with Pybox ligands"
Randy Miller

October 10

Professor Victoria DeRose - Department of Chemistry - University of Oregon
"Fine-Tuning By Metalloprotein Active Sites: How Nature Gets the Best Out of Transition Metals"
Dave Ball

October 17

Ms Kristin Milinkevich - Department of Chemistry - University of California, Davis
"Solution and Solid Phase Synthesis of Libraries of Biologically Interesting Heterocycles"
Dave Ball

October 24

Mr. Bill Trilsch - William Trilsch & Associates - Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Consultants
"How FDA Regulations Influence The Drug Development Process"
Dave Ball

November 14

Ms. Jenn Howell - Department of Chemistry - Colorado State University
"Progress towards the total synthesis of Tetrapetalone A"
Dave Ball

Nov 21
(CANCELED: We will reschedule for the Spring semester)

NorCal ACS Subsection meeting - Dr. Stefan Habelitz - School of Dentistry - University of California, San Francisco
"Chemistry of Dental Tissue Regeneration"
Jim Postma

December 12

Prof. Armen Zakarian - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - University of California, Santa Barbara
"Organic synthesis at UC Santa Barbara"
Dave Ball