Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fall 2009

All seminars held on Friday in AYRS 120 at 1:00 pm unless otherwise noted.


September 4

Dr. Ryan Ogliore - Space Sciences Laboratory - UC Berkeley
"What we've learned from the stardust cometary sample return mission"
Lisa Ott

September 25

Dr. Zanja Yudell - Department of Philosophy - CSU Chico
"Philosophy of Science in the 20th Century"
Chris Nichols

October 2

Dr. Ron Tjeerdema - Department of Environmental Toxicology - UC Davis
"The fate of pesticides in freshwater systems -- California rice fields"
Larry Kirk

October 16

Dr. Brian McBurnett - Department of Chemistry - University of the Incarnate Word - San Antonio, TX
"Getting grants -- development of a one-page research proposal"
Chris Nichols

October 23

Dr. Chris Nichols - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - CSU Chico
"Corydendrium parasiticum biogeodiversity"

October 30

Dr. Jin Zhang - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - UC Santa Cruz
"Hollow gold nanospheres: novel properties and cancer applications"
Jinsong Zhang

November 6

Dr. Don Alger - Professor Emeritus - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - CSU Chico
"Venom chemistry of the most poisonous spiders of the US"
Dave Ball

November 13

Dr. Xi Chen - Department of Chemistry - UC Davis
"Chemoenzymatic approaches for chemical glycobiology"
Chris Nichols

December 4

Dr. David Tyler - Department of Chemistry -University of Oregon
"New Photochemically-Degradable Plastics for the Environment"
Chris Nichols