Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fall 2014

All seminars held on Friday at 1:00pm in HOLT 170 unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments served just prior to the presentation.

Week 1

Friday August 29

Mr. Trevor Hunter

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Chico 

"Summer Internship at Utah State University: Characterizing the Adenylation and Methyltransferase Domains from Two Beauveria bassiana Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetases"

Mr. Carter Holt

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Chico

"Summer Internship at Utah State University: Catalysis in Loop-Exchanged Chimeras of Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatases"

Week 2

Friday September 5

Ms. Monica Gonzalez

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Chico

Summer Internship in the lab of Dr. Bruce Lipshutz at UCSB: "Copper Catalyzed Suzuki Couplings"

Ms. Megan Keener

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Chico

Summer Internship in the lab of Dr. Bruce Lipshutz at UCSB: "Peptide Coupling in Water"

Week 3

Friday September 12

No Seminar

Week 4

Friday September 19

Mr. Wayne Tikkanen(opens in new window)

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Los Angeles

"HIP's: From Technical Merit to Broader Impact"

Week 5

Friday September 26

No Seminar

Week 6

Friday October 3

No Seminar

Week 7

Friday October 10

Dr. Daniel Clark

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Chico

A Presentation of Spring 2014 Sabbatical Research at CSUC:

"Progress in the Development of New Lab Experiences for Biochemistry Majors-
Analysis of Proteins Using Electrospray Mass Spectrometry" 

Week 8

Friday October 17

Dr. Jenny Cappuccio

Dept. Chem., CSU Humboldt

"Proteins at the Interface:  Membrane and Surface Proteins"

Week 9

Friday October 24

Dr. Sean Johnson

Dept. Chem. & Biochem, Utah State University

"Unraveling RNA: Structural and Functional Studies of a Multi-Domain RNA Helicase"

Week 10

Friday October 31

No Seminar

Week 11

Friday November 7

Dr. Jinsong Zhang

Dept. Chem. & Biochem., CSU Chico

A Presentation of Spring 2014 Sabbatical Research:

"Bifunctional Organic Linker Molecules to Connect Nanomaterials"

Week 12

Friday November 14

Dr. Thomas Butler, Pharmacyclics

"Imbruvica - Breakthrough Therapy"

Week 13

Friday November 21

No Seminar

Week 14

No Seminar- Thanksgiving Break 

Week 15

Friday December 5

Ms. Maisha Kamunde

Graduate Student, Dr. Darren Johnson Lab, Dept. of Chem. & Biochem., University of Oregon 

"On the Study and Development of Aqueous Inorganic Hydroxo-Aquo Tridecamers: Structural Observations in the Solid and Solution States"

Week 16

Friday December 12

No Seminar

Week 17

No Seminar- Finals Week