Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fall 2016

All seminars held on Friday at 1:00pm in HOLT 352 unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments served just prior to the presentation.

Week 1

Friday August 26

No Seminar

Week 2

Friday September 2

Mr. Steve Gubber

Santa Clara County Fire Department

"Scientist, Teacher, Firefighter: How a Chico Graduate Found Good Chemistry"

Week 3

Friday September 9

Ms. Tabitha Schempp

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

"My Experience as a Genentech Team Member"

Mr. Josh Gladfelder

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

"Discovery Chemistry at Dow Agrosciences"

Week 4

Friday September 16

Dr. Jason Williams (PDF)

Pinyon Pine Capital, LLC

"Alternative Science/Chemistry Careers: Following Your Passion"

Week 5

Friday September 23

Ms. Annie Valceschini

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

"Polybutadiene Graft Copolymer for Improved Silica Filler Dispersion"

Mr. Michael Smith

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

A report on his summer internship at Utah State University in the lab of Dr. Lisa Berreau:

"Photochemical Reactivity of a Novel CO-Releasing Ru(II)(η6-p-cymene) Flavonol Compound"

Week 6

Friday September 30

Ms. Lindsey Rubottom

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico


Mr. Jared Harkins

Yamazen Science Inc.

"A Calculated Approach To Flash Chromatography"

Week 7

Friday October 7

Dr. Gabby Nepomuceno

California Council on Science & Technology

"A Transition from Bench Chemistry to Science Policy"

Week 8

Friday October 14

Dr. Jennifer Schwartz Poehlmann

Department of Chemistry, Stanford University

"Creating a Reflective Teacher through Mentorship

Week 9

Friday October 21

No Seminar

Week 10

Friday October 28

No Seminar

Week 11

Friday November 4

Dr. Gabriel Ménard

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCSB


Week 12

Friday November 11

No Seminar- Veteran's Day

Week 13

Friday November 18

No Seminar

Week 14

Friday November 25

No Seminar- Thanksgiving Break 

Week 15

Friday December 2

Dr. David Johnson

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Oregon

"Chemistry in the Solid State: A Rediscovered Chemical Frontier"

Week 16

Friday December 9

No seminar

Week 17

No Seminar- Finals Week