Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fall 2017

All seminars held on Friday at 1:00pm in HOLT 352 unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments served just prior to the presentation.

Week 1

Friday August 25

Dr. Chris Tassone, Sama Learning

"Using Virtual Reality to Transform STEM Leavers to Stayers"

Week 2

Friday September 1

Michael Smith, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

-Report on summer research at Princeton University

"Low-Energy Development of PdCo Alloys for Electrocatalytic CO 2 Reduction"

Nicole Mackie, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

-Report on summer research at Sandia National Laboratories

"Effects of Metal Ion Selection in Metal-Organic Frameworks for Electrical Device Applications"

Week 3

Friday September 8

Professor Alan Kiste, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

"Studio Chemistry at Cal Poly: An Examination of Student Outcomes"

Week 4

Friday September 15

Professor Darren Johnson, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Oregon

"User-inspired science in supramolecular chemistry & the Center for Sustainable Chemistry: Graduate Education Programs in Innovation and Technology Transfer"

Week 5

Friday September 22

Professor Cathy Middlecamp, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison

"Energy, Food, and Trash: Using your campus to engage students in learning chemistry, biology and physics "

Week 6

Friday September 29

Sung Won Yoon, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

-Report on summer research at Sandia National Laboratories

"Effects of Chloride Concentration in Graphene Analogues for Electronic Devices"

Brandon Nusser, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, CSU Chico

-Report on summer research at Univeristy of North Texas State 

"Synthesis of Meso-Substituted Tetrapyrene Porphyrins for Solar Cells"

Week 7

Friday October 6

Professor Chris Douglas, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota

"Overcoming the electronic bias in Friedel-Crafts acylation: a sterically controlled acylation of aromatics with esters with a new catalyst system"

Week 8

Friday October 13

No seminar

Week 9

Friday October 20

Professor Ryan Jackson, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Utah State University

"CRISPR RNA-guided adaptive immunity in bacteria"

Week 10

Friday October 27

Professor Jennifer Shumaker-Parry, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah

"Plasmonic antennas for nanoscale control of light"

Week 11

Friday November 3

No Seminar

Week 12

Friday November 10

No Seminar - Veteran's Day

Week 13

Friday November 17

Professor James Palko, UC Merced

 "Electrochemical and Electrokinetic Separations in Water Purification, Energy Storage, and Biomedical Applications"

Week 14

Friday November 24

No Seminar- Thanksgiving Break 

Week 15

Friday December 1

Dr. Nicolas Burtch,  Sandia National Laboratories- Livermore

"Engineering precisely controlled negative and zero thermal expansion behaviors in nanoporous materials"

Week 16

Friday December 8

No Seminar

Week 17

No Seminar- Finals Week