Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2008

All seminars held on Friday in AYRS 120 at 1 p.m. unless otherwise noted


February 4 (Monday)

5:00pm - PHSC 301
Chris Larson - Material Sciences Institute - University of Oregon
"Opportunities for Chemistry and Physics majors in the University of Oregon Master's Internship Program" (PDF)
*PIZZA provided for students
Randy Miller and Chris Gaffney

March 1 (Saturday)

*BMU 210-6:00pm Dinner; 7:15pm Presentation
Dr. Sam Clegg - Team Leader of the Advanced Diagnostics and Instrumentation Group - Chemistry Division - Los Alamos National Lab
Northern California ACS Subsection Dinner  (PDF)
"Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: From Terrestrial Carbon Sequestration to Roving Mars"
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy abstract (PDF)
Randy Miller

March 14

Dr. Pierre Kennepohl(opens in new window) - Department of Chemistry - University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC
"Bonding in Organometallic Chemistry: New Insights from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy"
Erik Wasinger

March 28

Daisy Bustos - Quality Control in Process (QCIP) - Genentech - South San Francisco
"Introduction to Biotech and Pharmaceutical Quality Control"
Dan Clark

April 4

Dr. Peter Stoimenov - Gas Reactions Technology, Inc(opens in new window)
"A New Chemical Process Platform for Methane Conversion to Gasoline and Chemicals"
Erin Orazem

April 18

Dr. Derek McPhee - Director of Chemistry - Amyris Biotechnologies - Emeryville, CA
"The Artemisinin Project"
Dan Clark

April 25

Dr. Mike Cleary and Dr. Phil Chou - E&J Gallo Winery
"Aroma, Color, Mouthfeel, and Taste Chemistry in Grapes and Wine" (PDF)
*Immediately following the seminar Dr. Cleary and Dr. Chou would like to meet with students interested in internship possibilities at Gallo.
Randy Miller

May 2

Claudia Avalos - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - CSU, Chico
CHEM 499H: Honors Research Presentation entitled "X-ray spectroscopy exploring the electronic structure and bonding behavior of Ni and Cu salen complexes"
Erik Wasinger

May 9

Dr. Robert Wilhelm - Roche Palo Alto LLC(opens in new window)
"Medicinal Chemistry in Pharma: A Case Study"
Dave Ball

May 16

Dr. Jeff Allen - The Dow Chemical Company - San Diego, CA
"A New Microbial Platform for the Low Cost High-Quality Production of Protein Biopharmaceuticals"
Dan Clark