Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2009

All seminars held on Friday in AYRS 120 at 1:00 pm unless otherwise noted


January 30

Dr. Michael Cleary and Dr. Phil Chou - E&J. Gallo Winery
"Applying chemistry to decisions in grape harvesting and wine making"
*Immediately following the seminar Dr. Cleary and Dr. Chou would like to meet with students interested in internship possibilities at Gallo.
Randy Miller

February 6

Dr. Danielle Aubele - Elan Corporation
"Novel gamma secretase inhibitors showing potential for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease"
Erik Wasinger

February 13

Chris Plewik - FEI Company - Portland, OR
"Chemistry's Role in Advancing Nanotechnology: An Introduction to Focused Ion Beam Induced Deposition"
Randy Miller

February 20

Dr. Winston Tse - Gilead Sciences - Foster City, CA
"From HIV to HCV: Discovery of Novel Inhibitors for the Treatment of Hepatitis C"
Dave Ball

March 6

Dr. Hasan Palandoken - Department of Chemistry - University of Western Kentucky
"I. Targeting Cell Surface Ion Exchangers To Treat Brain Cancer
II. Alkoxyamine Polymers: Versatile Materials For Surface Ligation Applications"
Dave Ball

March 27

6:00pm - BMU 210
NorCal ACS Subsection Dinner and Presentation
Dr. Stefan Habelitz - School of Dentistry - University of California, San Francisco
"Chemistry of Dental Tissue Regeneration"
Jim Postma

April 3

Dr. James Miranda - Department of Chemistry - CSU, Sacramento
"Adventures in organic synthesis and organic electrochemistry"
Dave Ball

April 10

David Monk - Regional Sales Director - Mass Spectrometer Division; David Tinnermeier - Senior Applications Specialist - Applied Biosystems - Foster City, CA
"A Summary of Mass Spectrometry Technology in Protein Identification, Characterization and BioMarker Identification"
Randy Miller

April 17

High School Chemistry Day

April 24

Chris Lyons - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - CSU, Chico
Honors Research Presentation - "Synthesis and x-ray absorption spectroscopy of metallothiosalen complexes: Elucidating electronic and geometric structure"
Erik Wasinger

May 15

Karl Voigtritter - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - CSU, Chico
"Progress toward the asymmetric generation of the quaternary stereocenter in Lyngbyatoxin A"
Dave Ball