Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2012

All seminars held on Friday at 1:00pm in AYRS 120 unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments served just prior to the presentation.

February 24

Dr. Mike Cleary and Jill Bryant- Gallo

"Chemistry and Sensory of Different Wine Varieties"

The definition of wine varietal characteristics can be elusive.  It can also be complicated by the manufacturing process.  How does one begin to understand this?  It is easiest to start with the steps in consuming a wine.  Sight is the first impression one obtains from a wine.  One observes the color and clarity of the wine.  The second impression is smell.  One is taught to swirl the wine in a glass to release the aromas, hold the glass up to one’s nose and inhale. Next one takes the wine into their mouth and tastes.  At the same time as one tastes the wine, there is the sensation of how it “feels” in the mouth.  Thus, this wine consumption process, has four components: aroma, color, mouthfeel, and taste. Each of these components has classes of molecules that can be associated with it.  We will demonstrate and you will sense the different classes of molecules responsible for wine varietal variations.

Host: Dr. Randy Miller

February 25- Special Event  

The ACS sponsored event is scheduled to start at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico and conclude on the CSU Chico campus with a presentation by Dr. Charlie Bamforth, who is an Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting & Brewing Sciences at UC Davis.

March 9

Dr. LeoniPalmer- UCSB

"Exploring a Cascade Rearrangement"

Host: Dr. Erik Wasinger

April 6

Paul Gibbons- Genentech

"Computational Modeling of Kinase Small-Molecule Inhibitors"

Host: Dr. Chris Nichols

April 13-Special Event

High School Chemistry Day

Organizers: Dr. Zhang & The Chemistry Club

April 27

Ashley Fung (CSU Chico alum) and Lulu Khatibi- American Pacific Corporation (AMPAC)

"Science and Employment in the Pharmaceutical Industry"

Host: Dr. Randy Miller

May 4

Nina McCulley- California State University- Chico

Chemistry Honors Research Project:


Host: Dr. Erik Wasinger

May 11

Frank Eberle- California State University- Chico

Chemistry Honors Research Project:


Host: Dr. Erik Wasinger