Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2014

All seminars held on Friday at 1:00pm in AYRS 120 unless indicated otherwise. Refreshments served just prior to the presentation.

Jan 24 -> Open

Jan 31

Dr. Mark Mascal, UC Davis

"Adventures in unnatural and natural products: Molecular hemispheres and antimalarials"

Host: Dr. Dan Edwards

Feb 7

Dr. Nanine Van Draanen, Cal Poly SLO

"Amazing Alginate"

Host: Dr. Dan Edwards

Feb 14 -> Open

Feb 21

Dr. Mike Cleary, EJ Gallo Winery

"Applying chemistry to decisions in grape harvesting and wine program assignment"

12:00-12:50pm pizza lunch provided for students. Room TBA. Resumes for internships will be accepted.

Host: Dr. Randy Miller

Feb 28 -> Open

Mar 7

Dr. Nick Dickenson, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Utah State University

"Biophysical insights into the interface between Shigella flexneri and host cell membranes"

Host: Dr. Dan Clark

Mar 14 -> Open

Mar 21 -> Spring Break

Mar 28

Dr. Matt Kieber-Emmons, University of Utah

"Spin state and spin topology contributions to O-O bond cleavage by cytochrome oxidase"

Host: Dr. Dan Edwards

Apr 4

High School Chemistry Day


Host: Chico State Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society

Apr 11 -> No seminar

Apr 18 -> Open

Apr 25

Dr. Donald Biek, Cerexa, Inc.


Host: Dr. Dan Edwards

May 2

Ms. Rae Murphy, CSU Chico

Honors Research

"Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer Supported Salen Catalysts"

Host: Dr. Erik Wasinger

May 9

Ms. Monica Gonzalez, CSU Chico

Honors Research

  • "Palladium catalyzed heterocyclic cyclizations of α-chloroacetamides"
  • "Alternate pathways to sterochemically pure cis-gallicynoic acids"

Host: Dr. Dave Ball