Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2017

All seminars held on Friday at 1:00pm.

*Seminar locations will vary over the semester- please note the location for each seminar.

Refreshments served just prior to the presentation.

Week 1

Friday January 27

No Seminar

Week 2

Friday February 3

AYRS 201:

Dr. Lisa Berreau

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Utah State University

"Flavonol-Based Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules"

Week 3

Friday February 10

AYRS 106:

Dr. Shelley Minteer

Department of Chemistry, University of Utah

"Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Energy Conversion Applications: From Metabolic Pathways to Metabolons"

Week 4

Friday February 17

AYRS 201:

Dr. Mike Cleary & Ms. Genessee Carini

EJ Gallo Winery

"Soluble Cell Wall Polysaccharides in Wine"

Week 5

Friday February 24

No Seminar

Week 6

Friday March 3

AYRS 201:

Dr. Rebecca Mulligan

Gilead Sciences 

"Small Molecules, Big Scope: Method Design, and Validation for Chemical Fate Studies, Process Development, and Final Product Release."

Week 7

Friday March 10

No Seminar

Week 8

Friday March 17

No Seminar- Spring Break

Week 9

Friday March 24

AYRS 201:

Mrs. Jenelle Ball

Chico High School

"The Tale of the Golden Penny"

Week 10

Friday March 31

No Seminar- Cesar Chavez Day

Week 11

Friday April 7

No Seminar

Week 12

Friday April 14

No Seminar

Week 13

Friday April 21

AYRS 201:

Ms. Monica Gonzalez(opens in new window)

Department of Chemistry, UC Berkeley

"Synthesis and Design of Near-Infrared Voltage Indicators"

Week 14

Friday April 28

No Seminar- High School Chemistry Day

Week 15

Friday May 5

AYRS 201:

Ms. Ami Rose

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CSUC

Presentation of CHEM 499H Research:

"Method Development for the Extraction and Quantification of Organic Acids in Beer"

Week 16

Friday May 12

AYRS 201:

Mr. Josh Gladfelder

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, CSUC

Presentation of CHEM 499H Research:

"Synthesis of GRB2 SH2 domain inhibitors: Analogues of sclerotiorin"

Week 17

No Seminar- Finals Week