Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) 2009

June 5

Dr. Randy Miller
"Summer Research Orientation" and "Tutorial on SciFinder and computational chemistry"
*Students, please bring laptops if you have one.

June 12

Dr. David Ball
"Synthetic strategies for Oseltamivir Phosphate (AKA Tamiflu)"

June 19

Dr. Lisa Ott
"Biodiesel fuel from local agricultural waste products: preparation and analysis" 

Dr. Chris Nichols
"Compounds from Corydendrium Parasiticum"

June 26

Dr. Dan Edwards
"New advances in natural product biosynthesis"

Dr. Dan Clark
"It's all about Coenzyme M"

July 3

Dr. Larry Kirk
"Synthesis of a biodegradable plastic (PLA) from agricultural waste"

Dr. Erik Wasinger
"Oxidation state determination with a GIANT flashlight"

July 10

Dr. Jinsong Zhang and Dr. Randy Miller
"Experimental and computational perspectives on IBX oxidations"

Wade Killingsworth
"Concept analysis, the particulate nature of matter and submicroscopic chemical concepts"

July 17

Travis Mitchell (Kirk, Hanne, Greene)
"Purification of lactic acid produced by bacterial fermentation"

Sandy Blair (Kirk, Hanne, Greene)
"Synthesis and properties of the biodegradable plastic polylactate"

Jamie Mills and Charles Mansell (Killingsworth)
"Chemical demonstrations for display cases"

July 24

Arjun Sandhu (Edwards)
"Prospecting for Type III Polyketide Synthases in environmental Streptomyces isolates"

Sam Allen and Tim Shelton (Ott)
"Preparation of biodiesel from agricultural waste products" 

July 31

Erich Bowman (Zhang)
"An investigation of chiral catalysts for inverse electron demand-hetero-Diels-Alder reactions and their applicability towards the construction of neolignans"

Rick Schulken (Zhang)
"Asymmetric cycloaddition using amino acids to synthesize 1,4-benzodioxane based natural products"

Emily Skinner (Wasinger)
"Further advances in the characterization of thiosalen complexes"

August 7

Amanda Jones (Nichols)
"Identifying marine natural products with HPLC and NMR"

Nina McCulley (Ball, Miller)
"Thermal rearrangements of allylic sulfinates to sulfones: a mechanistic study using molecular modeling"

Lacy Taylor (Clark)
"Development and validation of a highly specific assay for the quantification of Coenzyme M"