Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) 2012

All seminars held at 9:00am unless otherwise indicated

Seminar Schedule
Mon, June 4
PHSC 130
Dr. Randy Miller"Summer Research Orientation"
Fri, June 8
Right next to PHSC at Bidwell Presbyterian Church Room 210. Enter through the tower entrance in the back.
Dr. Dave Ball"Enantioselective Organocatalytic Fluorination"
Fri, June 15
PHSC 109 
Dr. Lisa Ott"Biodiesel: preparation, purification, and analysis (with an emphasis on interesting solvents)"
Wed, June 20 at 1:00pm

PHSC 301
Dr. Jed Eberly
Research Microbiologist
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
(hosted by Dr. Larry Kirk)
"Characterization of ester synthesis in Gordonia KTR9 for next generation biofuels"
Fri, June 22
PHSC 109 
Dr. Erik Wasinger"Dioxygen chemistry at the Cu2O2 core"
Fri, June 29
PHSC 109 
Dr. Jinsong Zhang"Synthesis and Structural Identification of 1,4-benzodioxins"
Fri, July 6
PHSC 109 
Mr. Wade Killingsworth"What are the Key Chemistry Concepts?"
Dr. Larry Kirk (CHEM) and
Dr. Larry Hanne (BIOL)
"Bioremediation of Environmental Pollutants: Three case studies"
Wed, July 11
Lunch at 11:45am
Seminar at 1:00pm

PHSC 301

Tiffani Anderson
Chico State alumna
Purdue University for graduate work
(hosted by Dr. Dave Ball)
"Development of a Cell Penetrating Peptide Library"
Fri, July 13
PHSC 109 

Melissa Martinez and Tate Campbell (Killingsworth)

"Dynamic Demonstrations for Chemistry Department Displays"
Tate Campbell (Killingsworth)"Attempts at Improving a General Chemistry Experiment"
Tues, July 17
Lunch at 11:45am
Seminar at 1:00pm

PHSC 301

Dr. Jennifer Howell
Chico State alumna
Colorado State Univ --> Univ of Illinois
(hosted by Dr. Dave Ball)
"Synthetic strategies toward the total synthesis of tetrapetalone A"
Fri, July 20
PHSC 109 
Devin McBain (Wasinger)"Upholding tradition in the Wasinger Group… with a new twist"
Katie Blacksmith (Wasinger)"Synthesis and characterization of water soluble salens for biological study"
Leo Savage (Zhang)"Preparation and reaction of o-quinone"

Fri, July 27

No Seminar this week 
Thurs, Aug 2 from 4:00-5:30pm
PHSC Courtyard 
CSRI 2012 Reception 
Fri, Aug 3
PHSC 109 
Eoin Mackall (Ball)"Sandalwood Oil: Isolation and Analysis; and More"
Liz O'Neill (Ott)"Testing a novel material for a waterless wash biodiesel system"
Azure Grant (Wasinger) 
Priya Chattopadhyay (Wasinger) 
Fri, Aug 10
PHSC 109
Dan Parker (Ball and Tjeerdema)"Synthesis of the metabolites of the herbacide Imazosulfuron"
Shane Rainey (Ball and Tjeerdema)"Synthesis of the metabolites of the insecticide Clothianidin"