Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) 2013

All seminars held at 9:00am unless otherwise indicated

Seminar Schedule

Mon, June 3
PHSC 301

Dr. Randy Miller"Summer Research Orientation"
Mon, June 10
PHSC 130
Dr. Dave Ball

"A Blast from the Past: In Search of ELISA"

Fri, June 14
PHSC 109
Dr. Jinsong Zhang"Organic synthesis and applications: 1,4-benzodioxins and organic linker molecules"
Fri, June 21
PHSC 109
Dr. Chris Nichols“Organic Chemistry at UCLA”

Mon, June 24
PHSC 130

Dr. Jenny Hensel
Chico State alumna (2005)
Post-doc -> University of Oregon

"Exploring surfaces through photoluminescence, photo-electrochemistry and vibrational sum-frequency generation"

Fri, June 28
PHSC 109
Leo Savage-Low and Carter Holt (Zhang)"Regioselective 1,4-Benzodioxin Preparation"
Leo Savage-Low and Nick Sajben (Zhang)"Organic Linker Molecules to Couple Nanomaterials"
Wed, July 3
BBQ at Dr. Ball's House -> 859 WestgateFood and Fun
Thurs, July 4Holiday: No CSRI
Mon, July 8
PHSC 130
Dr. Erik Wasinger"Applying Lessons from Bioinorganic Chemistry to Catalysis"
Fri, July 12
PHSC 109

Mr. Wade Killingsworth

"RXN X: A Guided Inquiry Research Project for General Chemistry"

Tate Campbell (Nichols)"Synthesis of A Novel Phytotoxic Secondary Metabolite: Phenguignardic Acid"
Mon, July 15
PHSC 301
Lunch and Seminar starting at  12:00pm
Dr. Cliff Harris
Chico State alumnus (1991)
Albion College

"How I learned to stop worrying and love mistakes in lab:  Discovery of the Josh Taylor Coupling Reaction"

Fri, July 19
PHSC 109
Mary West (Ball)"Synthesis of Gallicynoic Acids"
Megan Keener and Monica Gonzalez (Ball)"Synthesis of the metabolites of the herbicide Imazosulfuron"
Asem Berkaliev (Ott/Ball)"Utilization of Glycerol By-Product of Biodiesel"
Mon, July 22
Lunch at 12:00pm
Seminar at 12:30pm
Sandy Blair
Chico State alumna (2010)
Ph.D. candidate at UC Irvine
"The Photolytic Processing of Organic Aerosols through Carbonyl Photochemistry"

Fri, July 26
9:15am at Sierra Nevada 

Sierra Nevada Brewery Sustainability Tour
  • Show up at Sierra Nevada at 9:15 to check in
  • You must wear closed-toe shoes
  • You must learn some new chemistry or biology
Mon, July 29
PHSC 301
Dr. Dan Edwards"Development of LC-MS Screening Approaches for Streamlining Natural Product Discovery"
Thurs, Aug 1
3:00pm in PHSC 301 then from 4:00-5:30pm

PHSC Courtyard 

Dr. Jeff Gautschi
Chico State alumnus (1995)
Oregon State University - Cascade

“Insoluble Drug Leads, Amorphous Solid Dispersions, and Natural Products from “Unnatural” Fungi”
CSRI 2013 ReceptionCelebration
Fri, Aug 2
PHSC 301
Jeremy Wells (Wasinger)"Synthesis and Reactivity of a Novel Salen Catalyst"
Rae Murphy (Wasinger)"Polymer Supported Salen-type Catalysts"
Mon, Aug 5
PHSC 301
Lunch at 12:00pm. Seminar follows soon thereafter.
Tanya Hilger-Estrada
Chico State alumna (2005)

 "Investigation towards the synthesis of an eight-membered ring via a samarium(II) iodide induced cyclization-fragmentation sequence"

Fri, Aug 9
PHSC 301
Emily Bladorn (Killingsworth)"Development of RXN X Systems"
Nicole Smith (Killingsworth)"Dynamic Chemistry for Displays and Exhibits"
Nick Herringer (Wasinger)"Development of an expanded Spectrochemical Series Lab for Chem 112"