Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) 2014

All events in PHSC 109 unless otherwise indicated.

Week 1

Tuesday May 27 (3:45-5pm; PHSC 301)- CSRI ORIENTATION:

Dr. Randy Miller

"CSRI 2014"

Week 2

Friday June 6 (9am)- SEMINAR:

Dr. Dave Ball

"Retinoids: The Polyenes of Life"

Week 3

Friday June 13 (9am)- SEMINAR:

Dr. Chris Nichols 

"World Cup 2014 Update (with some chemistry as well)"

Dr. Lisa Ott

"Biodiesel, Glycerol, and Deep Eutectic Solvents"

Week 4

Friday June 20 (9am, HOLT 266)- SEMINAR:

Dr. Dan Edwards 

"Sifting Through the Dirt, Using Advanced Screening Methods to Target Bioactive Natural Products"

Dr. Erik Wasinger

“Six-Coordinate Carbon???”

Week 5

Friday June 27 (9am)- SEMINAR:

Dr. Carolynn Arpin

"Targeting the Inhibition of Protein-Protein Interactions"

Week 6

Tues. July 1 (9am, PHSC 202)- SEMINAR:

Mr. Jared Brown (Clark Lab)

"Purification of Alcohol Dehydrogenase from Baker's Yeast"

Mr. Scott Patterson (Nichols Lab)

"Progress Towards the Synthesis of Phenguignardic Acid"

Mr. Will Cayler (Nichols Lab)

"Progress Towards an Environmentally Friendly Oxidation Reaction"

Thursday July 3 (noon)- CSRI BBQ at Dr. Ball's house

Friday July 4- HOLIDAY: NO CSRI

Week 7

Tuesday July 8 (11 am in PHSC 202) - Special Seminar and Lunch

Dr. Kristina Lilova - Project Scientist in the Alexandra Novrotsky Lab at UC Davis

"Structural and Thermochemical Studies of Feldspathoid and Spinel Minerals"

Friday July 11- NO SEMINAR 

Week 8

Friday July 18 (9am)- SEMINAR: 

Mr. Trevor Trombley (High School Scholar in the Edwards Lab)

"Exploring the Effects of Subinhibitory Concentrations of Antibiotics on Secondary Metabolite Production in Streptomyces"

Mr. Omar Carey (High School Scholar in the Ball Lab)

"Sandalwood: Essential Oil Isolation and Identification"

Week 9

Friday July 25 (9am)- SEMINAR: 

Mr. Blake Bewley (Ott Lab)

"Deep Eutectic Solvents from Biodiesel Waste"

Ms. Hanne Henriksen (High School Scholar in the Ott Lab)

"Deep Eutectic Solvents from Biodiesel Waste"

Week 10

Friday August 1 (9am)- SEMINAR: 

Ms. Natalie Holmberg-Douglas (Arpin Lab)

"Investigating Grb7 Inhibition By Use of Small Molecules"

Mr. Alexander Neal (Wasinger Lab)

"Biological activity and Microwave reagent preparation of Novel Metallic Thiosalen Complexes"

Week 11

Friday August 8 (9am)- SEMINAR: 

Ms. Nicole Smith (Edwards Lab)

"Investigation of Fungal Derived Antibiotics from Boiling Springs Lake"

Ms. Lindsay Quigley (Ball Lab)

"Synthesis of the Degradation Products of the Herbicide Benzobicyclon"

Mr. Joshua Gladfelder (Ball Lab)

"Synthesis of the Degradation Products of the Herbicide Benzobicyclon"