Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Summer Research Institute (CSRI) 2016

Refreshments generally available 15 minutes before the start of the presentation.

Week 1

Friday June 3 (9:00 am in PHSC 202)

Drs. Randy Miller (CHEM) and Nick Nelson (PHYS)

-"Summer Research Orientation"

Week 2

Friday June 10 (9:00am in HOLT 170)

Dr. Dave Ball (CHEM)

-"Incorporating Research into the Teaching Laboratory"

Dr. Christopher Nichols (CHEM)

-"Chemistry at UCLA"

Week 3

Friday June 17 (9am; PHSC 301)

Dr. Nick Nelson (PHYS)

-"How Stars Get Their Spots"

Dr. Carolynn Arpin (CHEM)

-"A Whole Lot of Arpin"

Week 4

Friday June 24 (9am; PHSC 301)

Dr. Monica So (CHEM)

-"Functional Sponges for Energy Conversion and Storage"

Week 5

Wednesday June 29 (12:00-1:30pm, Selvester's)

Luncheon for all researchers in the college

Wednesday June 29 (1:30-2:00pm, Selvester's)

Robert E. Wesley, Staff Sergeant,US Army

-"Health Professionals Scholarship Program (PDF)"

Friday July 1 (9am; PHSC 109)

Dr. Eric Ayars (PHYS)

-"Listening to Chaos"

Dr. Jinsong Zhang (CHEM)

- "Application of Sigmatropic Rearrangement Reaction in Zhang’s Group"

Week 6

Friday July 8 (9am; PHSC 109)

Sara Lewis (CHEM with Dr. Chris Nichols)

-"Progress towards the synthesis of Guignardianone E"

Dr. Karl Voigtritter (CHEM)

-"Green Chemistry and Catalysis"

Week 7

Friday July 15 (9am; PHSC 109)

Lindsey Henry (CHEM - Chico High School Scholar with Dr. Dave Ball)

-"Essential Oil Isolations"

Dr. Gordon Wolfe (BIOL)

-"You can judge a book by its cover: chemistry and physics of microbial cell surfaces"

Week 8

Friday July 22 (9am; PHSC 109)

Charles Payne (PHYS with Dr. Nick Nelson)

-"Sun-like stellar dynamos"

Dr. Shane Mayor (GEOS)

-"Wind Measurements with Atmospheric Lidar"

Week 9

Friday July 29 (9am; PHSC 109)

Dr. Erik Bartelink (ANTH)

-"Dietary Reconstruction in the Prehistoric San Francisco Bay Area Using Stable Isotope Analysis"

Connor Hutcherson (CHEM with Dr. Monica So)

-"Temperature Dependance of Solution Processed Formamidinium Iodide Based Perovskite Thin Films"

Vivien Cherette (CHEMwith Dr. Monica So)

-"Effects of solvent treatment on morphology and photovoltaic performance of lead triodide perovskite"

Daniela Melchor (CHEM with Dr. Jinsong Zhang)

-"Exploring Newman Kwart Reactions"

Week 10

Friday Aug 5 (9am; PHSC 109)

Lisa Pham (PHYS with Dr. Gordon Wolfe)

-"Potentially a sticky situation: studying the Surface Free Energy of Emiliania huxleyi"

Jerah Barnett (CHEMwith Dr. Monica So)

-"Perovskites and their ability for stability"

Cameron Sorenson (PHYS with Dr. Nick Nelson)

-"Convection instellar dynamos"

Alyssa Bowlsby (CHEM with Dr. Carolynn Arpin)

-"Synthesis of a Known Binder of the GRB2 SH2 Domain from Naphthaldehyde"

Tori Goff (PHYS with Dr. David Brookes)

- "Harnessing the Benefits of Group Learning in Physics"

Week 11

Tuesday Aug 9 (12:00-1:30pm, Selvester's)

Luncheon for all researchers in the college

Wed Aug 10 (3:00-5:00pm; PHSC 301) -> Refreshments provided

Dr. Dave Ball (CHEM)

-"A degradation product of the pesticide chlorantraniliprole"

Dr. Carolynn Arpin (CHEM)

-"Keep a Good Lab Notebook!"

Friday Aug 12 (9am; PHSC 109)

Jose Lopez (CHEM with Dr. Carolynn Arpin)

-"Synthesis of a Known Binder of the GRB2 SH2 Domain from 1,5-dihydroxynaphthalene"

Avi Radick (PHYS with Dr. John Young)

-"Quantum Entanglement"

Jacob Kalbfleisch and Charlotte Park (CHEM with Dr. Dave Ball)

-"Synthesis of a degradation product of the herbicide benzobicyclon"

Annaiz Holland (ANTH/CHEM - Pleasant Valley High School Scholar with Drs. Erik Bartelink and Randy Miller)

-"Detecting Bone Diagenesis using FT-IR"