Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2023 Stockroom

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Stockroom will soon be looking to fill open student assistant positions for spring 2023 and invite you to apply!

Q. What do Stockroom student assistants do? 

  1. They help the technical staff in many important ways. From routine cleaning duties to preparing solutions and reagents for laboratory classes, to the various and vital day-to-day tasks that give you a unique educational experience and the opportunity to see what it takes for the department’s exceptional labs to function successfully. Plus, the Stockroom is now located in the new Science Building, so you will get to work in a state-of-the-art environment!

Q. Who should apply*?  

  1. Any current Chico State chemistry or biochemistry students who want to improve their lab skills and earn some money at the same time! The pay rate is $15/hour, and students with work-study awards are strongly encouraged to apply and will receive preferential consideration. 

    *Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 units. Hours will be assigned according to availability and stockroom needs. Completion of CHEM 107, 108, or 111 with a B- or better OR current enrollment in Chem 107, 108, or 111 with an expected grade of B- or better.

Q. How do I apply?

  1. Find the job listing on Handshake (opens in new window)(Job #7125386). We will begin accepting applications from October 17 to November 30. Make sure to include all the required documentation requested, especially your class schedule and work availability. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Q. How are applicants selected?  

  1. The Stockroom technical staff review the applications with several criteria in mind. As stated above, preference is given to work-study-funded students, but we also look for those with previous Stockroom experience, students who have the desired work availability, and most importantly, a positive disposition toward learning new things and the type of work we do. If you are selected for an interview, or possibly a position, we will contact you and begin the process.