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Class Notes

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(BA, Social Science, ’57) spent 34 years as a Navy officer, retiring in 1994 as rear admiral. He was a commander of the U.S. Navy base in San Francisco, managing more than 60,000 people. In the 1960s, he spearheaded a program to place more minorities into the ranks of officers. Toney has been director of Bank of the West, executive vice president of business development for F.E. Jordan Associates, president of the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the University Advisory Board.

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(BA, Social Science, ’64) is president and CEO of the American College of Commerce and Technology in Falls Church, Virginia. He has more than 20 years’ experience as an educator and administrator. Schipper has a special interest in educating at-risk and special needs students—serving for 20 years with the National Association of State Directors of Special Education and designing a charter school for these students approved by the Louisiana Board of Education. He was also on the Virginia State Championship basketball team in Senior Olympics.


(BA, Sociology, ’68; MA, Sociology, ’70) is dean of Business, Social Science, and Career Technical Education at Yuba College in Marysville. He has a PhD in sociology from Boston College and taught at Chico State, State University of New York, and University of Maryland, among others. Davis is the author of Hidden Dimensions of Work (2011) and co-author of Understanding Sociology (2012).


(BA, Philosophy, ’68) was recently elected chair of the American Statistical Association’s Section on Sport Statistics for a three-year term. He is a proud Chico State grad. “I exchanged my license plate holder to Chico State about a year ago and wear Chico State shirts on a regular basis,” says Hilbe.

William (Bill) Bicknell


(BS, Mechanical Engineering, ’69) worked in the oil and gas industry. He specialized in industrial natural gas and diesel engines and gas compressors and spent equal time in engineering, service, and marketing. His antique automobile hobby led to a business focused on engine rebuilding. Bicknell retired in 2008 but still does consulting work. He is also director of International Activities for Rotary International in Rolla, Missouri.

Bicknell has been married to Ina Rea, a former Chico State biology instructor, for 44 years—“my gain, your loss,” he jokes. They have a daughter and three grandchildren. “I look back on my years at Chico with great fondness, both for the academics and for the various activities like Pioneer Days,” he says.

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(BA, Anthropology, ’73) is a writer, mother, teacher, and rancher’s wife. She taught history and English for more than 20 years. She has published two novels and four regional histories. Her first novel, Across the Sweet Grass Hills, won the 2002 WILLA literary award. Her The State of Jefferson: Then and Now was a finalist in the 2008 Next Generation Awards for Best Regional Nonfiction. Fiorini-Jenner has appeared on the History Channel and National Public Radio, and her writing has been in magazines including Better Homes and Gardens and Range Magazine. She lives in Etna with husband Doug, a fourth-generation cattle rancher. They have three children and five grandchildren.


(BA, Biological Sciences, ’73) is the owner of Mountain Sports in Chico. He bought the outdoor adventure gear store from a friend in 1977 and relocated into three downtown locations before settling at its current location on Third Street. Hart is proud of not only his store but also its location in Chico’s vibrant downtown.


(BA, Geography, ’73) is a distinguished professor of finance in the School of Management at George Mason University. He has published articles in Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Journal of Business, to name a few. Sanders has received six teaching awards and three research awards, and serves as the associate editor for several leading journals. He has given presentations to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Exane BNP Paribas in Paris and Geneva, and the Bank of Japan and served as a consultant to firms such as Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank on mortgage-backed securities and commercial mortgage-backed securities.


(BA, Social Science, ’74; MA, Sociology, ’76) won the 2012 American Sociological Association’s Jessie Bernard Award for “work that has enlarged the horizons of the discipline of sociology to encompass fully the role of women in society.” He is a professor of sociology and gender studies at University of Southern California and faculty development director of the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Messner was a Chico State Behavioral and Social Sciences Distinguished Alumnus in 2004.

Dying Words by K. Patrick Conner


(BA, English, ’75; MA, English, ’77) is the author of three novels, including Dying Words, about an obituary writer at the San Francisco Chronicle who learns he is dying (NaCl Press, 2012). Conner worked at the Chronicle for more than 20 years, including five years as city editor. He lives in San Francisco with partner Christine and their cats.


(MA, Microbiology, ’75; MS, Biological Sciences, ’87) is the research and development manager for Ted Pella Inc. Since 1993, the company has been working with Chico State, testing new products and providing hands-on research opportunities for physics and biological sciences students.


(BA, Anthropology, ’75; MA, Anthropology, ’78) is a senior osteologist for Pacific Legacy Inc. and is responsible for the identification and analysis of human remains and report writing. Hager received her PhD in anthropology from UC Berkeley and has been a visiting professor at UC Berkeley and Stanford, among others. Since 2000, she has been a contributing member of the human remains team on the Catalhoyuk Research Project in Turkey, using digital reflectance transformation imaging to study ancient hand- and fingerprints. 


(BA, Speech Pathology, ’77) is a speech-language pathologist for Pinnacle Healthcare in Medford, Oregon. She is also a private pilot, a ground school instructor, and an alaryngeal instructor.


(BA, Microbiology and Chemistry, ’78) is retired from the U.S. Navy and working as a medical laboratory scientist at Hematology Oncology Associates in Medford, Oregon.


(BA, Psychology, ’78; Credential, ’81) was recognized by President Obama at the White House as a Champion of Change in November 2011. As president of the Peach Growers Tract Association, Rasmussen led the development of a first-of-its-kind solar water pumping system in his neighborhood. It now provides water to the U.S. Forest Service in Stanislaus National Forest. He lives in Vacaville and was named the 2010 Teacher of the Year at Laurel Creek Elementary in Fairfield, where he is a third-grade teacher.


(BA, Child Development, ’78) retired in spring 2012 after 31 years of teaching. Her last 28 years were spent at Apple Blossom Elementary School in Sebastopol, where many of her teaching colleagues were Chico alums. Xuereb married husband Ray in 2009 and looks forward to traveling, cooking, and playing her ukulele in retirement. 

Browns Valley by Roberta Sperbeck D'arcy


(BS, Nursing, ’79) is the author of Browns Valley (Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series, 2012). She collected images from private collections, Yuba and Sutter County libraries, and area historical societies for the book. D’Arcy is the public health nurse at Yuba Sutter Juvenile Hall.


(MA, Philosophy, ’79) is an award-winning archaeologist and writer. She has authored and co-authored 54 novels and more than 100 nonfiction articles. In 2005, she was inducted into the Women Who Write the West Hall of Fame. People of the Raven, written with her husband, W. Michael Gear, won the 2005 Golden Spur Award for the Best Novel of the West. In 2008, they received the Mountain Plains Library Association’s Literary Contribution Award for lifetime achievement. Their People of the Black Sun was published in October 2012.


(BA, Art, ’79) has been a teacher in Lincoln for nearly 20 years. She is also the owner of Guiding Fitness, a personal training gym in Lincoln, and an online gym, ActiveFlix.com. Rummel has taught in China and traveled to 35 states and 14 countries. She has two children in college. “I am very happy in life, thanks to all the professors at Chico State who kicked my rear into gear!” she says.


(BA, Biological Sciences, ’79) is principal chemist and head of the research and development department at Covidien’s Mallinckrodt plant in Maryland Heights, Missouri. He was honored for his achievements by the House of Representatives, making the congressional record in May 2012. He and wife Elaine Jurkowski are very active in their community and parish. Uhland also provides free tutoring in math and science to high school and college students.

Alums Debbie Goria Wood, Rich Garmire, Bob O'Neill, Sharon Morehouse, Steve Morehouse, Kathe Goria Hendrickson, and John Hendrickson.


(BA, Social Science, ’71; MA, Education, ’86) sent us a picture of a 12-day Costa Rican vacation he took with six other Chico State alums: 

SHARON MOREHOUSE (BA, Social Science, ’67; Credential, ’68), KATHE GORIA HENDRICKSON (BA, Humanities, ’72), STEVE MOREHOUSE (BA, Physical Education, ’72), JOHN HENDRICKSON (BA, Social Science, ’73; MA, Environmental Education, ’76), DEBBIE GORIA WOOD (BA, Speech and Drama, ’77), and BOB O’NEILL (’66).

Most attendees met through bringing classes of sixth graders to Woodleaf Outdoor School, which naturalist/photographer John Hendrickson directed for 20 years. [He was featured in the spring 2011 Chico Statements.] “On our trip, we saw some really amazing things, including 249 different species of birds,” says Garmire. “In short, it was a blast!”

(From left, alums Debbie Goria Wood, Rich Garmire, Bob O’Neill, Sharon Morehouse, Steve Morehouse, Kathe Goria Hendrickson, and John Hendrickson in Costa Rica.)

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(MA, Physical Education, ’80) was named president and CEO of the San Jose Giants, a minor league baseball team. He is a digital media executive who most recently served as president and CEO of AFAR Media. Orum also played professional basketball in France for two years.


(BS, History and Physical Education, ’80; MA, Physical Education, ’89) is director of player development for the Los Angeles Clippers. He played basketball for Chico State and later served as a volunteer assistant coach for the 1988–1989 season. He was a teacher and coach in Chico before becoming a teacher and coach at Gridley High School. What he remembers most about Chico State is “all those weekends playing pickup games at Acker Gym. We would play as much as we could,” says Severns.


(BA, Liberal Studies, ’81; Credential, ’82) is marketing director for Novato Youth Center. While at Chico State, she was a resident advisor in off-campus dorms, active in intramural sports, and during Pioneer Days, was the head of a quad building representing Nancy Johnson, the local inventor of the hand-cranked ice cream maker (1843).


(BA, Information and Communication Studies, ’81) received her master’s degree in human resources management from the University of Phoenix in 2006. In 2009, she was promoted to director of human resources at Work Training Center in Chico. She has two grown sons and lives in the Chico area. “I love it here,” she says.

Jim Enos


(BA, Recreation Administration, ’82) spent many years as a firefighter and emergency medical technician, and recently became an insurance agent with New York Life in San Diego. He has been married to wife Susan for 10 years. They have 6-year-old twin boys, Ryan and Matthew.


(BA, Social Welfare, ’82) is the vice president of Morgan Stanley in Roseville. She lives in Granite Bay with husband Dennis.

Sheryl and Timothy Beach


(BA, Geography, '82) is professor of geography and associate chair and director of academic programs in the Department of Geography and Geoinformation Science at George Mason University. TIMOTHY BEACH (BA, Geography, ’82), is the Cinco Hermanos professor and chair in the Science Technology and International Affairs Program of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Timothy received the Georgetown Faculty Distinguished Achievement in Research Award in 2010, and Sheryl and Tim jointly received the 2010 Grove Karl Gilbert Award for Geomorphological Research from the Association of American Geographers.

The husband-and-wife team recently co-authored two articles on the ancient Maya that were published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (March 2012), and they are principal investigators on grants from the National Science Foundation for their research on ancient Maya wetland agriculture. Their research has been highlighted in Nature and Physics Today. [Sheryl and Timothy were also featured in the fall 2007 Chico Statements.]

Johnie Luker and wife Ginger.


(MA, Human and Family Relations, ’85) has spent 60 years as a preacher. He worked at father-in-law George Washington Dickson’s church in Redding before moving with wife Virginia (Ginger) to Arkansas and then Texas, to work at the Boles Orphan Home. He worked in 10 other Christian children’s homes in the next 40 years, ending his career as director of development for New Mexico Christian Children’s Home in Portales, Texas. Ginger  (with Johnie, left) passed away three years ago. He has published 100-Year History of Childcare Among Churches of Christ and The Gospel Train—A Harmony of the Gospels.


(BA, Psychology, ’85) is a civil litigation attorney at SinunuBruni in San Francisco. Prior to joining the firm, he was a managing partner for Hoagland Longo’s California office. For 20 years, he has counseled and defended individuals and companies in civil suits involving personal injuries and commercial claims. Spaulding was admitted to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court in 2007. He lives in Alameda with wife Mary Ellen and their two sons.


(BA, Recreation Administration, ’87; MA, Recreation Administration, ’89) works for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a park ranger on Englebright Lake in Smartsville.

Edgar Hernandez


(BA, Latin American Studies, ’88) received his MBA from the University of Redlands in May 2012 and participated in their Lavender Ceremony. He previously spent 22 years in the retail business. While at Chico State, Hernandez ran cross country and was on the track and field team, and he was a founding father of Phi Delta Theta Cal-Xi chapter. He notes that Chico State held its first Lavender Graduation Ceremony in 2012, and he is proud that his alma mater is recognizing LGBTQ students at graduation.

“I am proud to be a Wildcat,” says Hernandez. “I love Chico State and have spoken with pride to all those in my path and tell them that it is not a party school but a people skills school. ‘Today Decides Tomorrow’ to me means, ‘Once you graduate from Chico State, you become a mentor for life.’ ”

Bradley and Christen Kaufman


(BS, Construction Management, ’88) is president of Kiewit Energy Company. He met his wife, CHRISTEN (HAWK) KAUFMAN (BS, Business Administration, ’90) at The Graduate when they were both Chico State students; they have been married for 22 years. Bradley played football and lacrosse at Chico State and started working for Kiewit Construction after graduation. They live in The Woodlands, Texas, and have two children—Nathan, who plays lacrosse at Virginia Wesleyan College, and Catherin, who plays softball in high school.

Kevin Standlee


(BS, Computer Science, ’88) works for Menlo Worldwide Logistics as senior solutions engineer and serves as the secretary and treasurer of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards, a group that recognizes the excellence in translation of science fiction and fantasy works into English.

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(attended fall ’84–spring ’90) has been studying and living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for the past 11 years. He has been teaching at the Technologic University part time for five years.


(BA, Information and Communication Studies, ’90) is superintendent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Sacramento. He is also the parent of a Chico State student.


(BA, International Relations, ’90) is a physical education teacher at a Sacramento elementary school. After graduation, he spent three years in Ukraine as an English teacher for the Peace Corps. In his free time, he coaches his 11-year-old daughter’s track team. She has qualified for the USATF National Junior Olympic Championships two years’ running.


(BA, Liberal Studies, American Studies, and Spanish, ’90; Credential, ’91) is an apprentice in the Upward Bound Program at Imperial Valley College. She was hired in October 2011 to help write a grant for the next funding cycle. In May 2012, Upward Bound was awarded $600,000 per year for the next five years.

Eric Polster


(BA, Information and Communication Studies, ’90) invented a toothbrush storage solution, Toothbrush Caddy, with his wife, Robin. They worked with a designer to develop the product, seen at the website www.toothbrush-caddy.com.


(BA, Communication Design, ’91) is the creator of DishwasherMATE!, a rubber mat that holds dishes in place in the dishwasher. Jackson, a mother of three, is expanding her Fair Oaks-based company’s operations and preparing new ideas for market.


(BA, Philosophy, ’93) and TARA GROVER SMITH (BA, Art, ’11) have launched Empirical Magazine, a national literary and current affairs magazine based in Chico. DAN O’BRIEN (BA, Psychology, ’11; MA, Psychological Science, ’11) is senior editor of the magazine. The magazine can be found online at www.empiricalmagazine.com.


(BS, Political Science, ’94) is legislative director of the University of California Office of State Governmental Relations in Sacramento. Previously, he was director of State Government Relations at UC Davis.


(BS, Business Administration, ’97) is broker and CEO of Vertical Horizon Real Estate and Property Management. He and wife Tara live in Chula Vista.


(BA, Social Science, ’98) is CEO of her family’s wine business, Grassini Family Vineyards, in Santa Barbara. She was previously a trial lawyer in her father’s practice, litigating several serious injury and death cases. She encourages Chico alumni to drop by the tasting room in downtown Santa Barbara and say hello—they will also receive a discount on tasting fees.

Carly Anderson and baby Brooklyn


(BA, Psychology, ’99) and WILLIAM ANDERSON (MA, Anthropology, ’08) welcomed their second child, Brooklyn, in March 2012. William is a student at the University of Illinois Medical School.


(BS, Exercise Physiology, ’99) is the official team chiropractor for the U.S. women’s indoor volleyball team, which won silver in the 2012 Summer Olympics. In the past year, Glass has flown to Japan, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic as a member of the team’s medical staff. Glass owns Competitive Edge Chiropractic & Sports Wellness in Lake Forest and also works with the national men’s volleyball team. He is married to LEANN (BS, Exercise Physiology, ’99), who was team captain for women’s volleyball while at Chico State. They live with their daughters in Lake Forest.


(BS, Mechanical Engineering, ’99) works as an engineer for Jessee Equipment Manufacturing in Chico. In 2008, he became a California licensed professional engineer. 

White and family


(BA, Asian Studies, ’99) is an associate professor at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in Japan and teaches two classes for the School of World Englishes at Chukyo University, which participates in an exchange program with Chico State. He earned his master’s degree in TESOL/TEFL through the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

White has participated on student volunteer trips to Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, and Cambodia through Habitat for Humanity. In February, he will be in India for a special teacher and volunteer training program to assist Tibetan refugees. White lives in Japan with his wife and 11-year-old son (see photo).

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(BA, Journalism, ’01) is a partner at FSB Core Strategies, a public relations and public affairs firm in Sacramento. “I am a huge advocate of Chico State and really credit most of my success to my four years [there],” she says. “I loved everything about Chico State and was very involved. I still try to be involved with the University and the city as much as I can.” Hernandez currently sits on the Chico State Department of Journalism and Public Relations Advisory Board. She lives in Lincoln with her husband and 2-year-old son.


(attended ’99–’01) has worked as the program coordinator/family advocate for the Plumas Rural Services’ Family Empowerment Center for seven years. She teaches families to become self-advocates for their
children with disabilities, suspected disabilities, or behavioral concerns—and has a passion for helping families deal with schooling obstacles, identifying special needs, and working as part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team. She is also a CASA worker for foster youth. Tuck lives in Quincy.


(BA, Philosophy, ’02) is the owner and editorial consultant for Chico-based W.R.E Consulting Services, serving global clients in their writing, research, and editing needs. She has published more than 1,000 articles and recently had chapter proposals accepted for Women in the XXI Century and Psych and Philosophy. Bowen is the co-author of Success in Life Through Personality Engineering (June 2011).


(BS, Exercise Physiology, ’02) is the program administrator at Ventura County Medical Center. He manages performance improvement and regulatory compliance for the medical center and Santa Paula Hospital, and provides general oversight of 30 ambulatory care and specialty clinics. Frey is married to MARTINE (WOLCOTT) FREY (BS, Health Science, ’04), and they live in Ventura with their son, born in 2010. “I miss Chico!” says Frey.


(Master of Business Administration, ’02) is president of LCR International, located in the City of Industry.


(BA, Journalism, ’02) is the Australia marketing manager for Avanade’s Asia Pacific sales and marketing team. He will lead the development and implementation of Avanade’s IT services marketing campaigns in Sydney and manage media relations, social media programs, customer reference development, and customer appreciation programs. Yatman has worked for Avanade for six years, most recently as U.S.-West marketing manager in Seattle. He earned the Americas FY10 Sales Support Person of the Year award.


(BA, Multicultural and Gender Studies, ’03) is the assistant director of programs at The Bread Project in the Bay Area, a nonprofit that trains people with limited resources for jobs in the food industry. After graduating from Chico State, she spent five years as the director of Business Outreach Center Network for the Women’s Business Center in New York City. She and husband Miki Onodera then spent a year in Thailand working on development projects. While on campus, Blanco was the director of the Women’s Center Chico Dance Team.


(BS, Business Administration, ’06) is the owner of Squeeze Inn Hamburgers in Napa and Vacaville. Bakker opened Squeeze Inn in Napa in 2006 and was able to open a second restaurant in Vacaville in late 2011 due to the success and popularity of the hamburger joint.

Valerie Singleton


(BA, Child Development and Liberal Studies, ’03) has spent her career working with children and families—she has been director of Innovative Preschool in Chico and was an infant/toddler teacher at Google in the Bay Area. She has a master’s degree in human development from Pacific Oaks College and says she is “passionate about advocating for social justice and inclusion of all children in child care settings.” Singleton returned to Chico State in 2011 to teach as an adjunct faculty member in child development.


(BS, Recreation Administration, ’06) is a front office manager for Hyatt Hotels in Austin, Texas. Over the past six years, she has moved to three “amazing” cities while working for Hyatt. She is a Texas certified emergency medical technician and is going to school to earn her bachelor of science in nursing.


(BA, Sociology, ’06) works in member services for the Construction Industry Institute. While at Chico State, she was involved in cheerleading and Alpha Phi and was co-president and founder of the Sociological Association of Chico State. Henderson lives in Austin, Texas.

Dustin Struble


(BA, Political Science, ’06) is the assistant director of the Student Involvement & Leadership Center–Greek Life at the University of Kansas. He received his master’s degree in higher education and student affairs from the University of South Carolina in May 2012. “For me, my experiences in and out of the classroom at Chico State were formative in my development and assist me to this very day,” says Struble. On campus, he served as a paralegal intern at CLIC, AS Commissioner of Community Affairs, president of Order of Omega, and president of the Interfraternity Council; on the executive board of Up ’til Dawn; and as a member of Phi Delta Theta.


(BA, Recreation Administration, ’07) works in marketing at Ferguson Enterprises in Newport News, Virginia. She lives with her husband, Capt. William Kerrigan, in Stafford, Virginia.

Jaison Wardrop


(MA, Kinesiology, ’06) has been the head athletic trainer at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo since 2008. He says he enjoys reviewing and analyzing current research in sports medicine when he’s not encouraging the success and health of his athletes, teaching part time, and doing amateur photography. He also is a proud advocate of Chico State: “I recommend many of my students and athletes attend Chico State.”

Billy Wilson with Alan Rellaford and John Berryman


(BA, Communication Design, ’07) and his wife, Tiffany, opened Yuba City’s first print design studio, Different By Design, in May 2011. Two of Wilson’s former Chico State professors (Alan Rellaford, Communication Design, left), and John Berryman, Communication Design, right) came to help them celebrate the opening.


(BS, Business Administration, ’08) is the assistant director of Student Activities and Organizations at the University of San Diego. He has a master’s degree in education from the University of Georgia. At Chico State, he was active with AS, serving as director of University Affairs and coordinator of the freshman leadership program ROAD Crew. “My experiences as an involved student led me to pursue a career in student affairs,” he says.


(BS, Biological Sciences, ’08) is an environmental scientist for the California State Water Resources Control Board.


(BA, Psychology, ’08) works for Student Services at Butte College in Oroville. She lives in Chico.


(BA, Kinesiology, ’08; MA, Kinesiology, ’10) is an assistant track and field coach at Santa Rosa Junior College, where he works with alums LYNDSEY NOBLE (BA, Liberal Studies, ’05; Credential, ’06) and JERRY NOBLE (BA, History, ’01; MA, Physical Education, ’05). Wellman was a national qualifier for Division II track and field in 2009. He also works as a vocational skills coach in the College to Career program, which helps students with intellectual disabilities gain the skills to complete college and find a career they love.

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(BS, Business Administration, ’10) is an executive team leader at Target. While at Chico State, he was senior vice president of Delta Sigma Pi international co-ed professional business fraternity, AS Government corporate relations director, and co-creator of the annual iLEAD Student Leadership Conference.


(BS, Nursing, ’11) is a registered nurse in San Diego at Rady Children’s Hospital. She was a member of Sigma Theta Tau nursing honor society and the California Nursing Students’ Association.


(BS, Construction Management, ’12) is a project engineer for OC Jones & Sons, located in Berkeley.


(BS, Psychology, ’12) works for the Law Offices of Melinda M. Brown as a paralegal in Albany, Oregon.

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(BA, Political Science, ’68)—better known to his co-residents of Shasta Hall fall 1966–spring 1967 as “The Torch”—and his wife, Carol, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on June 13. Their secrets to a happy and long-lasting marriage: be each other’s best friend; make each other laugh; and when going to bed at night, cuddle up with each other.


(BA, Musical Theatre, ’06) and Robert White were married on June 26, 2011, in South Lake Tahoe. She is an elementary teacher at a dual-language school and recently completed a master’s degree in elementary education. He is a software engineer. They live in Reno with their two dogs, Lola and Simon.


(BA, Geography, ’07) and ASHLEY BROOME (BA, English, ’07), who met as freshmen living in the Shasta Hall dorms, got married Oct. 22, 2011. At the wedding, Ashley surprised Zachary with a cake that was a replica of Shasta Hall.

Ashley is a human resources business partner for Box Inc. in Los Altos. Zachary is an environmental planner for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District in Mountain View. They live in San Jose with their Boston terrier, Joe Montana.

By Anna Harris, Cassandra Jones, and Noëlle Simkins, Public Affairs and Publications

Special thanks to Devin Caspers, University Advancement

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Jim Enos

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Jaison Wardrop

Jaison Wardrop

(MA, Kinesiology, ’06) is the head athletic trainer at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo.

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