From the Editor

From the Editor

Photo of Marion Harmon from the larger 1-2-5 photoOn a hot August morning, I joined 1,824 students, faculty, staff, and alumni on the field next to Acker Gym. We were there for a special photo shoot, part of the Wildcat Welcome, CSU, Chico’s orientation for new students.

Preparing the shoot was a logistical feat requiring a large crew, months of planning, and meticulous staking of ropes outlining the 140-foot-tall numbers in very, very warm weather. Because of the angle and height of the photo, the numbers had to be specially shaped into a trapezoid on the playing field to look proportional in the shot. The top measured 180 feet across, and the base measured 80 feet across.

It was all worth it! We not only created a once-in-a-lifetime cover and video, but we also shared a moment of togetherness that is difficult to describe (that’s me, waving in the top left corner at the bottom of the “5”).

It was a privilege to take part in this joyous start to these students’ college life. The 125th anniversary graduating class were joined by faculty who would teach them, staff who would support them, and fellow students who would share the next four years with them. It personified the Chico Experience.

Chico State’s first graduating class was even there, in the form of a framed photo held by alumna Sandy Nason Griffin, a descendent of Cora Nason. The photo is a copy of Nason’s 1891 diploma, which was signed by Chico State founder John Bidwell—a reminder of the many thousands who have entered the halls of this fine institution before us. Go to to read more and see a video of the shoot.

On another note: Our staff would like to warmly thank Casey Huff, who retired as university copy editor in October, for his many years working on Chico Statements. We miss your quick pen and your even quicker wit, Casey.

—Marion Harmon (Master of Public Administration, ’07)