Books by Faculty

Books by Faculty

Self-Care in Social Work: A Guide for Practitioners, Supervisors, and Administrators

Kathy Cox and Sue Steiner, Social Work
(NASW Press, 2013, 200 pages)

Social workers encounter a number of unique forms of occupational stress on a daily basis. The more thoroughly they understand the stressors they face, the better prepared social workers will be to manage them successfully. This guide offers a micro and macro perspective on stress and self-care in the human service professions. It provides narrative accounts and illustrative exercises aimed at furthering self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-efficacy in social workers. It also examines organizational variables that contribute to stress.   

Talking Criminal Justice: Language and the Just Society 

Michael J. Coyle, Political Science
(Routledge, 2013, 152 pages)

By the evidence of our own words, Talking Criminal Justice shows that, opposite to our “equal justice for all” rhetoric, we consistently permit and encourage the construction of certain people in ways that elicit and empower social control and punishment responses, and that make punitive public policy options against them acceptable. This book highlights how public discourse leaders guide us toward justice solutions that do not align with our collectively professed value of “equal justice for all” through their language habits.

Professional Issues in Nursing: Challenges and Opportunities, third edition

Carol Huston, Nursing
(Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins, 2014, 416 pages)

Using an approach that fosters critical thinking and values clarification, this textbook examines the full range of professional issues facing contemporary nursing. Coverage includes critical issues such as the nursing shortage, nurse migration, mandatory staffing ratios, violence in nursing, legal and ethical issues, plus competency assessment and evidence-based nursing and best practices. This edition includes a broader discussion of the clinical nurse leader, expanded discussion of generational diversity, a new chapter on simulation as a training/education tool, new models of distance education, updated information on importing international nurses, and new material on the Doctorate in Nursing Practice debate as entry for advanced practice nurses.

book coverInconceivable Beasts: The Wonders of the East in the Beowulf Manuscript

Asa Mittman, Art and Art History, co-author with Susan M. Kim
(ACMRS Publications, 2013, 318 pages)

Bound with Beowulf, the Old English Wonders of the East, a catalogue of marvelous beings, describes the very creatures it depicts as ungefrægelicu (inconceivable). These visual and textual representations provoke questions about the nature and possibility of representation itself. They also destabilize the notion of scholarship as being able to provide final, concrete meanings, even as they suggest the possibility for other ways of approaching meanings, including the question of what it meant—and means—to be a monster, and thus to be human.

Cinema e Risorgimento

Fulvio Orsitto, Italian Studies, editor
(Vecchiarelli, 2012, 361 pages)

This book contains 19 essays by Italian and American scholars exploring the most important cinematic representations of the Risorgimento phenomenon (which led to Italy’s unification in 1861).

Contemporary Italian Cinema—NeMLA Journal of Italian Studies XXXIV

Fulvio Orsitto, Italian Studies, co-editor with Simona Wright
(NeMLA—College of New Jersey, 2012, 166 pages)

Issue XXXIV of this academic journal from the Northeast Modern Language Association contains seven essays by Italian and American scholars exploring the most relevant aspects of contemporary Italian cinema.

Socially Responsible Literacy: Teaching Adolescents for Purpose and Power

Paula M. Selvester and Deborah G. Summers, Education
(Teachers College Press, 2012, 194 pages)

This book offers a new vision for teaching adolescent literacy that moves beyond teaching reading for its own sake and toward seeing reading as a way to motivate students to engage with their world. The authors share adolescent readers’ experiences to discover how teachers encourage their students to explore their identities, face injustices, and contribute to their communities. Readers learn how to incorporate the core issues of a socially responsible pedagogy into their own curricula to support strong literacy skills across the content areas. Each chapter includes reflection questions that move the reader toward personal and professional development.

Introduction to American Government, seventh edition

Charles C. Turner, Political Science, co-author with D. Grier Stephenson Jr., Robert J. Bresler, Robert J. Friedrich, and Joseph J. Karlesky
(BVT Publishing, 2013, 560 pages)

American politics is a constantly changing montage of people and events, of facts and opinions. In order to keep up with our changing environment, each new edition of Introduction to American Government undergoes a vigorous process of fact checking and updating. Readers will find 20 new key terms, revised weblinks and readings for further study, more critical thinking questions, and discussions of the latest events in American government.

book coverMedia Smackdown: Deconstructing the News and the Future of Journalism

Susan Wiesinger, Journalism and Public Relations, co-author with Abe Aamidor and Jim Kuypers
(Peter Lang, 2013, 224 pages)

Journalism is in crisis. The rise of the Internet through social media and citizen journalism and the financial crisis of 2008 have taken their toll. Filling the void is commentary, punditry, and even bigotry. It may have an audience, but it is not journalism in the professional sense: a commitment to objectivity and a separation of news and opinion. Media Smackdown addresses the historical, legal, economic, theoretical, and political issues that affect journalism, as well as the industry’s changing face and future.

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