Child Development

Dr. Gail Walton

gail walton
I graduated from the University in Texas at Dallas in 1992 with my degree in Human Development. I also have a Master's degree in Special Education. My past research interests include infant perception and cognition, although more recently my research foci include the development of perfectionism and emotional development in young children. I have been teaching a variety of developmental classes for 25 years. Currently, I typically teach marriage and family relationships, children's gender and sexuality development, prenatal and infant development, and research methods. I am married to my wonderful husband Dave, who teaches psychology. We have 3 furry babies; two small Maltese dogs and a gray and white kitty. I enjoy cooking - my husband and I make homemade pizza every Friday night, and I have even learned how to make ricotta cheese. My next ambition is to make mozzarella. In the summer, I enjoy hiking in the Rockies.