Child Development

Dr. Gail Walton

gail walton

I graduated from the University in Texas at Dallas in 1992 with my doctoral degree in Human Development. I also have a master's degree in Special Education. My past research interests include infant perception and cognition, although more recently my research interests include the development of perfectionism and emotional development in young children. I have taught over 30 different college classes since 1992. I typically teach marriage and family relationships, children's gender and sexuality development, prenatal and infant development, and research methods. I have a sweet tuxedo kitty named Addy who prefers people food to his kibble. I enjoy cooking different cuisines, especially French cuisine such as coq au vin. I even learned how to make some cheeses, such as cream cheese, ricotta cheese, paneer, and goat cheese. My most requested recipe is flourless chocolate cake covered in ganache. I also enjoy traveling, reading, and hiking in the Rockies.