Child Development

Dr. Shrija Dirghangi

shrija bio

I am Shrija Dirghangi, an associate professor in the Department of Child Development, CSU Chico. Before this, I earned my Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Florida Atlantic University, where I studied adolescent peer relationships. I also earned an M.A degree in Clinical Psychology, from the University of Mumbai, India. I teach Child and Adolescent Development classes with an emphasis on family and cultural contexts.

My research explores methods for supporting healthy child and adolescent, and emerging adult mental outcomes by building resilience and shaping healthier relationship contexts. The Bringing Baby Home parent education program is a collaboration between the Department of Child Development and Enloe’s Mother Baby Education Center in Chico, CA, where new and expectant parents learn how to support their infants’ development by strengthening their relationship with their partners. Similarly, in the Women’s Circle project, CSU students will participate in the structured Women’s circle support groups and experience a warm and supportive relationship with peers, promoting resilience.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, traveling with my husband to visit the beautiful US National Parks, and also visiting India to see my family there.