Family Interactions in the Infant Room

Staff interactions look slightly different in the ASCDL infant room because of the age grouping and primary care that is provided by the center. The classroom serves children 8 weeks to about 2 years old. Within the infant classroom, staff are assigned "primary care giving" responsibilities to a certain number of children during their shift. These assignments will remain mostly consistent throughout the semester.

Because of these assignments staff will develop and gain relationships with families over the course of the semester and years in some instances. Opportunities for connections to be made between the primary care giver and the families by using the primary care giving model are encouraged and provided. 

There is a considerable amount of daily information shared between families and the staff. The staff are encouraged to share factual information regarding the child’s day.  Examples of this type information include length of naps, timing of diaper changes, and intake amounts of food and liquids. All other information should be channeled between the head teacher or teacher and the family.

The head teacher and teacher should always be referred to and relied upon by staff for all other decision making regarding a child and the families within the classroom.